Emirates First Class to Dubai20

For anyone who has ever stepped foot into an Emirates plane, you are well aware of all the amazingness that goes on behind the curtain in first class. I remember the first time we flew Emirates, I was still an international travel virgin and hadn't traveled much outside of the Americas. So my first Emirates experience in coach was better than any other airline experience I had ever had. I still couldnt help but try and sneak a peak of that first class cabin with those private pods, first class dining experience and luxury amenities.

Emirates First Class2

On our recent trip to South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique working with honeymoons.com to report “Off the Beaten Path Honeymoon Venues in South Africa and Beyond,” we had an opportunity to visit Gili Lankanfushi and Amilla Fushi in the Maldives on a last minute request.

As we sat in the Johannesburg airport ready to head home, we decided to see if it was even possible to change our flight and head to the Maldives. At 11:00pm we spotted 2 first class award seats flying emirates first class for 85,000 points each. We then checked with Delta, which is who our return flight from Johannesburg to Lax was booked with, and we were able to use that return flight to get us home from the Maldives. At 8:30am we boarded our first class flight on Emirates to the Maldives.

The Experience

Emirates First Class experience

We made our way to our pods and before we could even sit down, we were greeted with a glass of 2004 Dom Perignon. Are they really pouring $160 a bottle champagne???

Emirates first class1 And if that wasn't enough, our glass was always filled to the top. Like a giddy little school kid, I scoped out my pod and all the amenities which included my own little mini bar, toiletries, slippers, pajamas, snack basket and massive TV screen. This 12 hour flight was sure to be a breeze.

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We had 2 middle seats which offers a screen between the seats that can be lowered so you can dine together or closed for ultimate privacy.

Emirates first class17

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In addition to the bottomless 2004 Dom Perignon, prior to takeoff the stuartist come around with arabic coffee and dates.

Emirates first class18

Shortly after takeoff, we were handed our dining menu and wine list. We continued on with our bottomless 2004 Dom and started off with a Arabic Mezze {which ended up being a massive spread}, followed by the caviar (I mean we are in first class!!), roasted salmon, sticky toffee pudding for dessert and of course the final, final cheese board.

Emirates First Class25

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After our massive lunch and a couple glasses of wine I dozed off for a few hours.

First Class also comes fully equipped with showers and one of the best on air bars I have ever seen.

Photo credit: Airlinereporter.com

Photo credit: Airlinereporter.com

So was it worth it? Absolutely!!!!

Emirates first class2

If you are going to splurge on upper class, the airline you choose will make a huge difference for your overall experience. So shop around and if you ever have the opportunity to experience Emirates, do it. Its worth every mile.