Luxury Pet Travel

Love to travel, but hate leaving your best friend at home?

Air Royale International's newest partnership with Sit 'n Stay Global makes traveling with your pet not only easy, but also luxurious.

The next time you fly on one of the 5,000 jets owned by Air Royale, you'll have the option to have Sit 'n Stay flight attendants provide the best service for your dog or cat.

These flight attendants are American Red Cross' Pet First Aid and CPR certified, and understand how to keep any animal under control, to ensure the safety of the flight.

"The focus at Sit 'n Stay Global is to provide a supremely safe and satisfying experience for clients traveling with pets," Carol Martin, CEO of Sit 'n Stay Global said.

To ensure pets feel like luxurious, VIP guests, there is a FURst Class Service option available.

It sure beats being crated up in the plane's cargo!

Is luxury pet travel becoming a trend?

It certainly seems so.

In 2012, premiered on the Web.

The website calls itself the "first and only one-step resource for luxury pet travel expertise."

It offers everything from travel advice to the latest luxe accessories for your pets.

They also have a pretty active forum, where luxury pet owners can talk with other owners.

"It used to be extremely rare to see anyone else on an airplane or at a hotel with their pet," said Kelly E. Carter, a former USA Today travel writer.

"Now it's customary to see someone with their pet going through airport security or someone walking their dog through the lobby of a fancy hotel."

Make sure to check out this site if you plan on bringing your pet along on your next luxury vacation.

Quick tips for traveling with your pet:

luxury pet travel dog

Make sure your pet visits with your vet a week before (not any earlier!) before the trip.

A proper checkup will ensure that your pet is healthy enough for the big trip.

Make sure your vet provides you with a health certificate.

Some airplanes want to make sure your pet doesn't have rabies or any other kind of disease.

Be early at the airport.

Bringing a pet requires patience and plenty of time.

Naturally, they're going to be scared, so the more time they have to settle into wherever they're traveling on the plane, the better.

Many people bring their pets in a nice carrier.

Make sure your pet is comfortable in that carrier.

Take them on car rides around town in it a month or two before your trip.

They won't like it at first, but hopefully they'll become more comfortable in it.

Label that carrier with a "Live Animal" sticker, to make sure your pet is carefully handled.

You probably think that feeding your pet before the flight is a good idea, but animal doctors recommend not feeding 4- to 6-hours before the trip.

A little bit of water is ok, and if you can, put a bowl with some ice cubes in it.

Don't use a tranquilizer.

Some people think making their pet sleep through the experience is a good thing, but it's not a safe option.

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