Spring break luxury vacation rentals

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Spring Break is often seen as a time of excessive celebration.

Perhaps you have tried to enjoy a warm weather getaway during this traditional vacation time only to find yourself in a loud and crowded destination surrounded over-indulging college kids.

Perhaps you've given up on the idea of your own spring break and decided to wait until summer for a much-deserved holiday. There is no need to wait.

All you need is a little savvy to find the right accommodations (places where privacy and luxury are not put on hold during spring break season) and the right destination. So yes, you can reward yourself for working hard and putting up with a winter's-worth of bad weather by taking a relaxing and luxury-filled vacation.

Here are some ideas to help you "take back Spring Break."

Arizona vacation estate rentals

You can keep your passport at home and head to Scottsdale, one of the most upscale cities in the Southwest and a major suburb of Phoenix. Scottsdale is often overlooked as a vacation destination, but it really has a lot going for it. Spas, miles of high-end shopping streets, pleasant places to stroll, lots of golf and plenty of nightlife options.

Yes, the beach is nowhere to be found here, but with the glitz of the famed Camelback area and the possibility of endless pampering at the area's world-famous spas, you have to seriously ask yourself if you will miss the beach scene at all.

If you really want to turn up the luxury, you can rent a vacation estate like the Camelback House. This modern seven bedroom mansion is perched in the mountains above the Phoenix metro. The modern entertainment system and luxury amenities almost steal the show, but the highlight of any stay here will be the chance to watch the desert sunset from the onsite swimming pool.

Luxury spring break rentals: Mexico Villas for Rent

Cabo San Lucas, on Mexico's Baja Peninsula, is a popular party spot. It will definitely be at full capacity during spring break.

But some of the people for whom Cabo is a favorite destination have a secret: they rent villas and estates up and down the coastline that provide plenty of privacy and make it easy to avoid the crowds.

Where can you find these quiet oases in the middle of this Pacific paradise? We have a number of ideal Cabo spots for you to choose from.

Cabo San Lucas vacation rental estates

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Villa Destino, perched on a hillside above the Cabo shore, is the perfect place for a group of 10 sophisticated spring breakers. It features a Jacuzzi, infinity swimming pool, five luxury suites, and views that really set it apart from the area's resorts and hotels.

The perfectly landscaped Los Cabos Villa provides space for 12 guests. This villa has literally everything you could want from the finest resort in Cabo.

But it also offers a level of privacy that even the finest resorts in Mexico cannot match. Palm trees, a swim-up bar, multiple dining areas, and bedrooms with unbeatable views make the Villa the headliner of luxury vacation homes in Baja.

US Virgin Islands Luxury Spring Break Rentals

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The US Virgin Islands are a favorite of American vacationers because a passport is not required to visit. The Island of Saint John is the perfect option for a get-away-from-it-all getaway. Nature dominates this island, and a number of rental estates sit on remote, jungle-fringed beaches.

The Saint John Villa, on a bluff above a quiet, secluded bay, features waterfront decks, luxury overnight accommodations, and easy access to the water.

Saint John's other estate headliner, the Villa Intimasea, has similar decks overlooking the Caribbean and weekly rates that make it a practical choice as well as a beautiful one.


Want to go somewhere else? We have luxury vacation estates all around the world. You can use our search page to find one in your preferred location.

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