Caribbean Vacation Rentals

Eleven years ago today, Disney released a film that would forever stamp the words savvy and parley into the minds of American pop culture.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was supposed to be a flop, but that obviously didn't happen. If anything, it's one of the most-loved films of recent history, or at least Jack Sparrow's character is. And the scenery of the Caribbean wasn't too shabby either.

If you were hoping to have a lush, summer beach experience like Jack Sparrow (but in a less hostile situation), this post is for you.

In celebration of the 11th anniversary of Pirates, here you'll read about four of the best Caribbean vacation rentals you could ever want for a great summer getaway, marked by gorgeous blue water and rum-filled memories.

Savvy? Great.

Read on to discover these four venues perfect for your next Caribbean vacation:

Sand Club - Flamands Beach, St. Barts, Caribbean

No, that's not Sandals the resort. This location is something much better.

The Sand Club is a premium villa rental full of luxury and modern sophistication, conveniently located right on the white-sands Flamands Beach.  The venue is perfect for a larger group looking to have an upscale vacation which still allows for a casual beachfront feel.

St. Barts Vacation Rentals

Sand Club boasts clean lines, polished hardwood, and smooth concrete construction softened by colorful accents in each room, like blue pillows and rugs. It has six impressive bedrooms furnished with four-post canopy beds, and most with direct access to the terrace, pool, and beach. Bathrooms are attached to each one, complete with double vanities and showers/baths.

St. Barts Luxury Vacation Rentals

You can spend a day cooking up some local recipes in the chef's kitchen, which overlooks the expansive main dining and living areas and a fantastic view of the ocean. Alternatively, head out to the terrace where you'll have access to the outdoor kitchen, dining table, gas barbecue, covered gazebo, and even an outdoor shower!

And at night, you can snuggle up to a good movie once your busy sight-seeing day is done in the TV room, piled high with comfortable pillows and throws you'll be loath to leave when the credits roll.

Out of all the Caribbean vacation rentals out there, Sand Club is a location you won't ever forget.

Villa Roxane - Gustavia, St. Barts, Caribbean

As if Sand Club wasn't enough, here's another St. Barts property to make you even more eager to board a plane to the islands.

Bursting with contemporary flair and a convenient location, Villa Roxane is for the vacationers wanting privacy, sophistication, and ease of access. The venue is located right in the heart of the port town of Gustavia, within walking distance from establishments ranging from designer boutiques to bars full of great nightlife and dancing.

Luxury Vacation Rentals: St. Barts

Similar to Sand Club, Villa Roxane contains six high-style rooms each with their own ensuite bath and access to a variety of amenities like flat screen TVs, safes, iPod docking stations, satellite TV, and air conditioning. The rooms also overlook different parts of the property, such as the garden, interior patio, or beachfront.

Luxury Vacation Rentals: Caribbean

Most Caribbean vacation rentals come with great decks to relax and sunbathe on, and Roxane is no exception. The terrace boasts a pool surrounded by reclining chairs and a phenomenal view of the ocean. Lay here under the vaporizers with a sun hat and a rum mix drink, and you're all set for a perfect afternoon.

If you're more of the adventurous kind, head in to Gustavia for some top-notch shopping and dining, or walk over to Shell Beach so you can dig your toes into the sand, not a care in the world. Jack Sparrow would be very jealous of the experience you get here.

Musha Cay - Bahamas, Caribbean

Don't want to be around other people? Don't worry - the Caribbean has some of the best exclusive, private islands around.

One of them is Musha Cay, a 150-acre expanse of land owned by David Copperfield and available for up to 24 guests. The island has 5 guest houses for everyone in your party, located in different areas around the property and each containing open layouts, spacious rooms, and wrap-around porches.

Luxury Vacation Rentals: Bahamas

Choose from the 10,000 square foot Highview if you want an amazing scene from the highest hill, or opt for the Blue Point residence which is located on a coastal outcropping and has its own private beach, as well as large indoor and outdoor seating areas for entertaining.

Caribbean Private Villas for Rent

There's also Pier House for those who love the traditional beachside cottage connected to a pier. Families can stay in Palm Terrace due to its two suites and numerous bedrooms, and the thatched-roof Beach House has an an entirely private beach because of its crescent shape.

 Bahamas Luxury Vacation Rentals

For activities, you can check out Musha Cay's options for scuba diving, kayaking, sailing, hiking, and more. Otherwise, attend a screening at its outdoor movie theater, discover the "secret village," or close the day out with a bonfire on the beach.

Feel free to sing "A Pirate's Life for Me" while dancing around the flames with a bottle of rum.

Wickie - Gustavia, St. Barts, Caribbean

You've got more than enough Caribbean vacation rentals to choose from in St. Barts.

If Sand Club and Villa Roxane don't suit your fancy, try the whimsical Wickie. Unique in appearance with West Indies colonial, modern, and Italian inspirations, this venue boasts the first roof terraces in all of Gustavia as well as several attractive rooms decorated in a style reminiscent of Ikea (but far more luxurious!).

Luxury Retreat Getaways

The townhouse has 6 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, full of intricate mosaic patterns and bright colors like yellow, red, purple, and green. When you're not falling asleep in the feather-soft beds, spend your time being entertained in the large kitchen and living areas containing a flat screen TV, stereo, WiFi, and expansive views of the ocean.

Luxury Retreat Getaways: Caribbean

You can also head out to the terrace which contains two different pools for your swimming needs, one of which has a vanishing edge and tricks you into thinking you can swim right off into the ocean. Use the fitness wall in the morning and the grill for your evening meals, and you've got a complete outdoor living experience.

Your Turn...

While none of these Caribbean vacation rentals even existed in Disney's hit movie, they're still located in that gorgeous area of the world where Jack Sparrow roamed the seas in the Black Pearl.

Instead of sitting back and watching the movie tonight (though you can do that, too), start planning your summer adventure tonight. That way, you can start seeing first-hand all those dancing palm trees and azure ocean waters you only dreamed you'd see on the screen.

Did you want to visit the Caribbean after you saw Disney's film 11 years ago? Share with us how you felt in the comments below!