Luxury Vacations | What You Need To Bring

When packing for luxury vacations, you’re not going to just throw a bag together the night before.

It requires careful planning, some creativity and plenty of patience.

You’re not heading to the Holiday Inn, you’re about to embark on a journey filled with the best-of-the-best, so make sure to pack accordingly.

Now creating a list for everything you need that’s luxurious isn’t that simple.

It depends on a ton of factors.

Are you taking 10 days on a cruise ship?

Maybe an African safari?

Or perhaps you’re taking one of those fancy shopping trips with the girls to Paris.

Whatever the circumstances, there are some necessities that you should always bring with you.

Here’s your ultimate guide to packing for a luxury vacation.

The Perfect Luggage

This is a list about packing, so what better place to start than with luggage.

You want something that is not only practical, but also stylish.

Don’t worry, these luggage pieces do exist.

And they’re quite sexy.

Dror For Tumi

Luxury Travel Luggage

Credit: Tumi

Tumi is not only one of the most trusted luggage brands, but also one of the more beautiful.

The company produces extremely durable pieces of luggage that feature some elegant designs.

Our personal favorite right now is the Dror for Tumi ($795).

Designed by award-winning designer Dror Benshetrit, this piece of luggage is perfect for a vacation that won’t last longer than a week.

It’s also really good for business travel — but remember — we’re here to talk about vacations.

The hardside wheeled packing case is extremely tough, but very comfortable to roll around the airport.

And like all luggage from Tumi, it incorporates their beautiful and innovative locking technology.


Packing Checklist

Credit: Globe Trotter

Globe-Trotter is a U.K.-based modern heritage brand that is more than 115 years old.

Its products can be summed up in three words:

Simple, modern and stunning.

The Globe-Trotter original collection offers that classic suitcase look, offering the same look that was used more than 100 years ago when it was manufactured using original Victorian machinery.

It can get pricey, ranging between £400 and £750.

But money is no object to you, the luxury traveler.

Louis Vuitton

Luggage Bags

Credit: Louis Vuitton

You can never go wrong with Louis Vuitton.

The famed logo has been making luggage look brilliant for years.

Our personal favorite is the Pegase 55 Business ($3,650).

You’ll travel in style with this large rolling bag that features more than enough room for all of those pairs of shoes you’ll be bringing. (We’ll get to that a little later!)

Oh, and if you’re going to use Louis Vuitton as your luggage, make sure you personalize your bag with an embroidered monogram.

The Necessary Clothes

What Clothes to Bring on Your Vacation


Again, it’s difficult to figure out what exactly you need in terms of clothing, because it will differ trip to trip.

There are, however, some necessities that should come with you on every luxury vacation.

Here’s our list:


There’s a good chance you’re staying in a large and impressive hotel room on your luxury vacation.

You’re not expected to be in heels all day long.

A comfortable — and stylish — pair of slippers will do the trick.

We recommend a pair of ultra-comfortable Ugg Slippers.


Yes, most fancy hotels include a robe or two for you, but how can you be sure?

And obviously your monogram won’t be embroidered on the chest of the robe.

Bring as many bags as you want, and make sure to pack your robe.


This could be an “ultimate guide,” in itself.

We’ll do our best to keep it short:

Bring enough high heels to match all of your outfits; we’ve already covered slippers; one pair of athletic shoes; sandals and flip-flops (if you decide to hot tub it one night); and some comfortable boots for the airport.


Even if you’re traveling to a warm climate, it’s always good to have a jacket, just in case.

Evening Wear:

And we’re not talking about cocktail dresses, ladies.

Have something sexy and comfortable to put on for after hours in the hotel room.

Most people overpack, so don’t feel bad about doing the same.

But then again, if you forget something, it’s always a great excuse to go out and do some shopping.


What Technology To Bring On My Luxury Vacation

Credit: The Telegraph

At the EWE Blog, we recently featured a guide to the technology you’ll need on your luxury vacation.

Of course, you’ll want your iPhone, iPad and maybe even a laptop if you need to shoot over some emails quickly.

But if you’re vacationing, our motto is to just keep it on the touchscreens.

You’ll want a camera,

but not something to weigh you down.

The Canon PowerShot S110 is extremely thin and takes stunning photos.

For $450, you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of keepers from your next trip.

Also, the Canon is very easy to use, so when you hand over your camera to have someone snap a memory, they won’t be fiddling with it for too long.

This camera comes in black, but the white is extremely luxurious looking and our recommendation.

Best Camera to Bring on Vacation

Credit: Cannon


are another essential gadget to pack with you.

Specifically, buy some noise-canceling headphones, such as the Bose QuietComfort 15s.

You’ll enjoy a crisp sound and won’t hear that crying baby in coach.

Read the full post on travel technology gadgets, here.

Other important necessities

Important Necessities to Pack For Your Luxury Vacation


This guide could go on forever.

Don’t worry, we’re wrapping it up soon.

There are so many little things you never think of needing on vacation, but when you have them, you’re extremely happy that you do.

Here are some of those necessities:

1) A Beautiful and Versatile Tote:

Carry around whatever you need while out and about.

2) Facial Cleaning Pads:

After traveling, your skin feels oily.

This is a quick and easy way to blot your face to remove that oil, without removing your makeup.

3) All of Your Makeup:

We didn’t think you would forget any of this.

But if you do, I’m sure your hotel has a luxurious spa...

4) Hanging Toiletry Organizer:

When you unwind at your hotel, simply hang all of your essentials in the bathroom for easy access.

5) Bathroom Essentials:

Brushes, powder, face wash, shower cap, perfume, sunscreen, razors, etc.

Just empty out your bathroom at home.

6) Lotion:

Some locations are dryer than others, so you’ll want to make sure your moisturized at all times.

7) Medication:

Don’t forget any of your meds.

8) Band-Aids:

These are extremely helpful to have in your purse at all times.

9) Bubble Bath:

Most hotels actually don’t offer bubble baths.

You’ll be glad you brought it.

10) Jewelry Storage:

At home, you simply put your jewelry on your bedside table.

While traveling, make sure you have a secure box to store it in at night.

Final Thoughts

No one said luxury travel wasn’t easy.

But you’ll be happy you brought everything you need.

Do you have your “must-haves” that you take with you on every trip?

Share them with us below...