Mens Travel Guide: Bags, Accessories

At Venuelust, our goal is to help you plan out off-the-beaten-path trips from tip to tail. Different types of travellers, however, are drawn to different adventures.

Today, then, we wanted to kick off our Traveling Gentleman series by breaking down travel tips for the young professional. So, lace up your wing tips and get ready to fly, guys. From luggage to landing back home, we’ve got you covered.

Your Luggage

Combatant Gentleman Weekender Bag

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For busy young professionals, travelling is all about being savvy. This means remaining both efficient and, yes, in style, on that next elegant overnight expedition. So, stop throwing your favorite suits in that tattered canvas bag you snagged from your dad and invest in a garment bag that’s as sleek as you are instead. Our absolute favorite? The Leather Weekender from Combatant Gent. Both versatile and perfectly polished, we love that this piece acts as a sort of super smart hybrid between a weekender duffel and a garment bag. (We’re also kicking ourselves wondering why we didn’t invent this ingenious design.)

Garment Bag Combatant Gent

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With two interior shoe pockets and a single-zipper system that opens the bag up to a lay-flat, ready-to-hang silhouette, you get all the ease of a traditional garment bag without any of the hassle. In short, the piece carries like a duffel, but unzips and opens up to reveal your grandfather’s garment bag. The best part, though? Combatant Gent’s Weekender meets international carry-on requirements, so you never have to leave your precious threads in the hands of others ever again (and worry that they’ll snag those swanky pocket squares). (We’d also be remiss not to mention that it’s crafted of full-grain leather and some seriously stylish hardware.)

Herschel Messenger Bag

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Once you’ve got your suits all squared away in your (super sweet) Combatant Gent Weekender bag, you’ll need a good messenger for your laptop and personal items. A favorite of ours is the Herschel Supply Co.Gibson Messenger in Chambray. With a padded fleece sleeve for a 15-inch laptop, adjustable shoulder strap and a waterproof zipper, it’s the perfect carry-on carry-all guaranteed to keep your laptop safe and secure. For a more neutral look, we also love the bag in classic black.

Frye Logan Briefcase

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If you’re looking for something to match your leather, duffel, though, we recommend Frye’s Logan Flap Briefcase in Black. Complete with a padded laptop compartment, a key-ring clip and two pockets for small electronics, this sleek carrying case is guaranteed to catch some eyes on that flight while keeping all of your most prized possessions safe as can be.

Your Gear

Shwood Sunglasses for men

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No travelling gentleman should take off without all the gear necessary to stay cool, calm and fly as can be on your flight. For sunglasses to block out those afternoon in-flight rays, we recommend a pair of Shwoods. The Canby Stone Glasses (above, left), made from genuine slate, are the perfect unexpected addition to any suit. Want an even edgier look to spruce up your digs? Opt for the Newport 52mm in dark walnut (above, right).

Frye Slip On

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For footwear that can seamlessly transition from crowded airports to productive conference calls, we love the Frye Norfolk Slip On in cognac. The leather lining and lace-free style make for a pair of buttery-smooth kicks that are as comfortable to rock as they are easy to slip on, saving those busy feet of yours precious time.

Frye Logan Mens Wallet

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The perfect accessory to match those new kicks? The Frye Logan Card Wallet in Cognac. With only a few slots for cards and no bulky fold, it’s the perfect room-saving travel partner for your pocket. Bring just the essentials—your ID, a major credit card, a few business cards and some small bills for tips—and you’ll end up saving yourself some seriously valuable space (and that dreaded un-stylish pocket-bulk in your slacks).

Your Airline

Alaska Airlines

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When it comes to flying, no airline beats Alaska for the busy time- and eco-conscious young professional. In 2015, Business Insider ranked Alaska Airlines the Best Airline in America based on its impressive timeliness and customer satisfaction rates. With a solid reputation for innovation, Alaska Airlines is also known for pushing the envelope—something young professionals are no stranger to (we’re looking at you). In 2013, the airline began testing the use of two exits on its 737s, ultimately shaving time off of the tedious (and dreaded) deplaning process. Their commitment to customer experience doesn't stop there, though. Just yesterday the company adjusted its flight plans so passengers could catch the March 8 solar eclipse.

Young professionals with also love the airline’s eco-conscious approach to sky travel. It was named the most fuel efficient Airline carrier and, in 2013, began testing solar-powered passenger ramps.

Your City

Downtown Denver

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Few cities are better suited to host the travelling young professional than Denver, Colorado. With the ever-growing and always-lively LoDo (lower Downtown Denver), you’ll find plenty to do on nights when you’re not busy prepping presentations and putting out last-minute fires.

Larimar Square Denver

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The historic (and recently revitalized) Larimar square is known for its plethora of oh-so hip shopping and dining options. We’re big fans of Milk & Honey for the hot spot’s über creative cocktails—we recommend its Lavender Lemonade (made with vodka, lemon, lavender and thyme) or its Notorious P.I.G. (made with Peach Street Jack & Jenny gin, cucumber, lemon, Dolin Blanc, Salers and cardamom) for cooling down on a hot summer day. For a fresh take on the build-a-bowl craze, we’re big fans of Bubu. And, for a dessert to top it all off, stop by Wednesday’s Pies for a nod to nostalgia like you’ve never tasted (but be sure to swing by on a Wednesday—as its name implies, that’s the only day of the week this old-school shop is open for business).

Your Lodging

The Oxford Denver

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Few spots in Downtown Denver offer a more stylish and storied stay for the travelling young professional than the historic Oxford Hotel. Denver’s oldest hotel, The Oxford opened its doors in 1891 and has housed guests ranging from Hillary Clinton to Theodore Roosevelt to the Dalai Lama.

Oxford Hotel Denver Interior

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Tiny touches (they change out the carpet in their elevators daily to reflect the day of the week) and heat-conducting lamps in the bathrooms, make for a stay chock-full of character. It also boasts Downtown Denver’s only wood-burning fireplace and is the entire property (from the floors to the ceiling) is blanketed in details that evoke a genuine charm you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in LoDo.

Cruise Room The Oxford Denver

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Our favorite spot in the Oxford (aside from the crazy-cozy rooms), though? The Cruise Room, Denver’s very first post-prohibition bar, located right off the lobby. This storied location opened it doors the very first day after prohibition was repealed and still carries the Art Deco aesthetic that it did all those years ago. Mixologists man the bar, so any drink you order is sure to please, but among our favorites are the White Manhattan, the Pineapple Julep and the Rum Shandy.

Your Turn...

Have any favorite tips, tricks or hot spots for the traveling young professional? Share them with us in the comments section below.