Modern Wedding Ideas: How and Where to Get Started

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Sometimes the amount of information on weddings can be overwhelming.

Scratch that. The amount of info is always overwhelming when you're starting wedding planning.

And even though you might know what style of wedding you want, it's difficult to wrap your head around everything that's to come. This can be especially tricky when you're looking at modern wedding ideas.

Modern is such a broad term that if you start thinking of ideas for it, you may not know which direction to take, and you could quickly become discouraged by everything that starts piling up in your brain and in your wedding planning book.

If this is the case, go through the following steps to help yourself realize exactly what kind of modern wedding ideas you should be paying attention to:

Define "Modern" for You

Like the introduction mentioned, modern can mean something different for every bride.

As such, it's vital you first sit down and determine what you want the term modern to mean for your wedding day.

Some brides equate this term with "contemporary," meaning sleek lines, bold contrast, and minimal embellishments. Others think modern has more to do with being "updated," like how traditional lace made a comeback on 21st-century style dresses.

How you define modern will impact what modern wedding ideas you pursue for your big day, whether those be a new spin on a rustic theme or a big bash at an estate venue that's totally en vogue.

Modern Wedding & Event Venues

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Determine How Much of It You Want

Once you know what kind of modern wedding ideas you're going to pursue, it's time to think about quantity.

This can actually tie in very closely with how you define modern, so in a sense these first two steps are inseparable.

For example, if you're obsessed with all those sleek lines and bold images mentioned above, this means you're going to want a lot of contemporary flavor at your wedding. Everything from the flowers to the wedding music will be up-to-date with the times.

On the other hand, if you're aiming for something like a modern take on a shabby chic wedding, you're likely going to incorporate updated elements sparingly but distinctly, like using chevron-striped table runners under your mason jar centerpieces.

Determine How Much of It You Want

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Find Places for Inspiration

You're finally at the stage where you can start gathering your modern wedding ideas into a central location.

While most brides know to look for inspiration on sites like Pinterest, there are other places that can help your wedding planning take off with modern creativity.

Start by looking at contemporary wedding venues. What do you or don't you like about each one? Think about how you'd decorate the space or use its elements to your advantage.

Take a cue from fashion and jewelry stores, too. What they're selling in terms of shapes, colors, sizes, etc. is what's hot this season, so you can determine if any of these elements could find a way into your modern wedding ideas.

Don't limit yourself to scoping out your "normal" wedding inspiration spots like Pinterest and bridal magazines. Sometimes your most unique ideas that guests will remember at your wedding come from non-traditional places (and isn't that partially why you love the idea of modern?).

Find Places for Inspiration

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Start Collecting Pieces You Love

The final step in getting started with your modern wedding ideas is to actually start collecting.

The sooner you start collecting your modern wedding decor, the more easily you'll be able to pull together the final vision of your wedding day. You'll also be able to mix and match elements, and return any you don't want to use anymore.

For example, if you're in a store one day and you happen to see those square candle holders you wanted for your centerpieces, now's the time to pick them all up. You know what you're looking for at this point, so don't hesitate to buy it or make it!

Start Collecting Pieces You Love

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Your Turn...

Deciding that you want a modern-style wedding is easy, but following through in the planning stages can be stressful if you don't define early on what modern means to you.

Then, once you start thinking of modern wedding ideas in the rest of the steps listed above, the task should no longer seem daunting. The first two steps are crucial, and may take the most reflection, but after that you'll have the right direction and vision for your upcoming wedding day!

What's your definition of modern and how will that affect your wedding planning?