Bridal Party Gift Ideas

I couldn't have said it better myself...

As a southern girl finding my way on the west coast I have felt the need to educate all my west coast friends on how much a simple monogram can add to any item.

A wedding is a great opportunity to add personal touches with a monogram…or ten.

If the bride loves monograms there is a good chance the bridal party does as well.

Here are some great ideas for personalized gifts for the entire bridal party:

What better keepsake from your wedding than an adorable monogrammed button-down.

Both adorable and comfortable, these shirts are ideal for the day of beauty preparations.

Some places, like, even personalize the cuffs of each shirt with your wedding date and “I Do” for the bride, “MOH” for maid of honor, and so on.

Bridal Party Monograms

What goes better with a monogrammed button down shirt than monogrammed Nike shorts (or Norts as some say)?

These shorts are incredibly comfortable and can be used not only for lounging the day of, but also for anything from the gym to pajamas.

Bridal Party Ideas

Another great personal touch is to gift each of your bridesmaids with a monogrammed piece of jewelry.

It’s a great way to ensure all of your bridesmaids look similar but each has their own personal keepsake.

Bridal Party Accessories

Monogram Necklace From: Nik's Naks

A great all-purpose gift for your bridesmaids is personalized tumblers.

Tervis tumblers are great cups for pre-wedding cocktails while getting ready.

They even come with spill-proof lids so you can rest easy knowing no one will spill on their dress, or yours!

Bridal Party Wedding Gifts

Pre-wedding pictures would not be complete without pictures of the bridesmaids dresses each on their own personalized hanger.

I love how these hangers not only have each girls initials but also have your wedding date and each person’s role in your wedding.

Bridal Party Inspirations

Now we can’t forget about the boys, I mean what’s sexier than a guy with a monogrammed bow tie.


These bow ties even come with an option for matching monogrammed headbands for the bridesmaids.

Bridal Party Themes

What man can’t use a nice flask?

These monogrammed flasks come covered in smooth leather embossed with the groomsmen’s initials.

Bridesmaids Gifts


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