Monogram Table Runner

Now that you've got the bridal party all taken care of, Monograms Part I, it is time to start thinking about the wedding.

From a couple monogram, to the bride's new initials, there is no better way to add personal touches to a wedding.

According to the Etiquette School of Ohio, a married couple has a choice of three types of monograms, traditional, modern and single initial.

A traditional monogram

For a married couple reading the monogram from left to right:

1) Wife’s first name initial.

2) Husband’s last name initial.  This initial is larger than the initials on each side of it.

3) Wife’s maiden name initial.

A modern monogram

For a married couple reading the monogram from left to right:

1) Wife’s first name initial.

2) Husband’s last name initial.  This initial is larger than the first name initials on each side of it.

3) Husband’s first name initial.

A single initial monogram

For a married couple is the first initial of the husband’s last name.

Traditionally, an engaged couple should not use their married monogram until after the wedding ceremony, it is considered bad luck to do so.

Here are some great ways to incorporate a bride's new monogram and a couple's monogram:

Monogram Veil Ideas

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Monogram Veil Inspirations

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By adding a monogram to the veil, the bride adds a personal touch to a bridal tradition.

Above are two examples of veils with a monogram.

While sharing some similarities both veils are still incredibly unique and different.

Monogram Bouquet Inspirations

How could you not love personalized bouquets?

This lovely bouquet above has a scrolling monogram inscribed on a large satin ribbon.

This would be a great touch to each bridesmaid's bouquet or even just the brides'.

Unique Monogram Ideas

For a creative "something blue," have your new monogram stitched into your wedding dress.

Monogram Necklace

For all you grooms out there, a great gift to your bride is a new monogram necklace with her new initials to wear to the reception after you officially become man and wife.

Monogram Table Runner

What better way to add a customization to your reception, than monogrammed linens.

A table runner with a simple single initial or the classic couples monogram would both look amazing.

There are also options for both personalized linen napkins and personalized paper napkins.

Monogram Napkins

Monogram Napkins Ideas

Linen napkins can be kept and used for years to come, however, if you choose to buy a template to emboss your own napkins, you can keep that for many years as well.

Monogram Creative Ideas

Many couples choose to have an outdoor wedding and incorporate lawn games into cocktail hour or the reception.

Personalized cornhole boards are a great way to liven up this traditional game.

Monogram Koozies

What goes best with an outdoor wedding and cornhole?

Koozies of course!

Koozies not only come in handy during the reception but they also double as a great wedding favor.

There are countless ways to personalize these favors, by adding the bride and grooms name and date of the wedding, as well as cute poems such as, “To have and to hold, and to keep your beer cold.”

Monogram Cake Ideas

Last but not least, a wedding would not be complete without cake.

A monogrammed wedding cake is a great way to add variety to your cake without straying too far from tradition.

Your Turn...

What personal touches have you added to your wedding? Please share your thoughts in the comments below...