October is a busy month when it comes to holidays, events, and festivities.

From traditional autumn parties like Oktoberfest to food and music events to celebrations of film and the arts, this month is full of worthwhile festivities.

Sports fans will, of course, want to add NFL games and baseball's World Series to the list of important October happenings.

There is certainly a lot to do during the Tenth Month, but the main event for most people is Halloween.

This popular holiday is celebrated in different ways all across the nation, with some places dedicating almost the entire month of October to spooky celebrations.

Looking for a special event to make this October a memorable one?

Here are your best bets.

Halloween in Salem

Halloween in Salem

image via Elizabeth Albert

In most places, Halloween is an event that takes place on October 31st.

Some parades and special trick-or-treat events might happen on the weekend before the actual holiday.

In Salem, Massachusetts, however, Halloween is a month-long affair.

With events from face painting and costume parades to spooky story-telling sessions about Salem's famous witches to haunted house tours, this New England town is an ideal destination for Halloween lovers.

Because of the number of children's events, Salem is also a good October destination for families.

One other East Coast event, which is more adult-oriented, is New York City’s Village Halloween Parade.

This colorful costume parade features participants from the local artist community.



image via photographerglen

Munich, Germany might be the best place to experience Oktoberfest, but there are also some great places in the US to enjoy this beer-and-food extravaganza.

Cities known for their beer production, such as Portland, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Denver, host some great Oktoberfest celebrations, usually in the early part of the month.

For food, beer in heavy steins, and even some traditional German tunes, these cities are good options.

The private estate venues located in these destinations make it possible to host your own Oktoberfest celebrations in a private setting.

Jack Daniel's World Championship Barbecue Invitational

Jack Daniel's World Championship Barbecue Invitational

image via bhamsandwich

In late October, the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee hosts the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue.

This is one of the largest competitive BBQ meets in the world.

It is attended by thousands of people, who come to sample some of the world's best sauces and meats.

Other events are part of this festival, but the meat is, by far, the main attraction.

Crescent City Blues and Barbecue Festival

Crescent City Blues and Barbecue Festival

image via Fifth World Art

Another food-centered festival is held in the South.

New Orleans is home to the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival.

New Orleans is arguably the best food city in the US,  so the barbecue is bound to be tasty, as are other New Orleans staples that are served alongside of the meat.

A craft show, art show and, of course, blues and R&B from the Delta area are also part of this fun festival.

The World Series

World Series

image via Sue Elias

Many sports fans are focused on the NFL during the month of October.

But the hottest sports ticket this month is the World Series.

Held in late October (with wild-card and semifinal playoffs lasting all month), the Series takes place in the two cities of the participating teams.

This can make it difficult to plan ahead, but this is one of the most traditional and exciting sporting events in the US, so a World Series trip is definitely a memorable one.

October Film Festivals


image via roland

The Austin Film Festival is one of the cinematic headliners for this month.

Perhaps not as buzzed about as the SXSW festivals that take place in the springtime, this is none-the-less a special fest that celebrates high-quality indie filmmaking and features a number of festival-related parties and events.

Another worthwhile film fest takes place north of the border.

The Vancouver International Film Festival draws talented filmmakers from around the world.

This event has a very international feel.

Also, though the weather might not be the greatest during the autumn, Vancouver is a wonderful, cosmopolitan and international city to visit during any time of year.

Do you know of any October events that you think deserve a mention?

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