National Margarita Day

It's National Margarita Day, How will you Celebrate?

February 22nd is National Margarita Day and for anyone who knows me, they know that my drink of choice is the margarita. Our team here at EWE knows that no matter what we are celebrating...including our company holiday party, a birthday, or hosting an estate planners tour, we will be sure to have margaritas flowing. So it's only natural that National Margarita Day is one of my favorite days of the year. I am also very snobby when it comes to the margarita. No matter where I am, even Mexico I make sure my recipe is put into a perfect rocks glass with no salt.

So here it is, The Best Margarita according to me:

The 3-2-1 Margarita Recipe --

-- 2 shots of good tequila and it must be Anejo or Reposado (my first choice is Don Julio or budget friendly would be Cazadores Anejo)
-- 1 shot of Cointreau
-- The juice of  1-2 whole limes
-- Served over a tall glass of ice and stirred to perfection

If I am making them I often muddle a jalapeño for an extra kick, however, that is it, nothing else. No sweet and sour, no OJ, no soda water, no sprite, no nothing. Just the best ingredients and you have yourself the perfect Margi. Why is it called the 3-2-1? Now that’s a secret.

Where are my favorite places to enjoy a Margarita?

1. El Callejon in Encinitas --

El Callejon in Encinitas

Located on the main strip in Encinitas, nothing fancy just good old Mexican ambiance. They do use fresh lime juice, however, they do add a bit of agave. I order mine without the agave. I could spend every Saturday at El Callejon with my heaping plate of cebollitas and lobster tacos....oh yeah, and a couple of Margis of course!

One of my all-time favorite locations to be sipping on a margarita is this next place...

2. Grand Solmar, Cabo San Lucas --

Grand Solmar, Cabo San Lucas

Even-though I still specially order my margi at the pool bar, what I love about Grand Solmar is the team of people that make my delicious margarita possible. We spend one week at Grand Solmar every year for my dad's birthday and every year we celebrate his Viente Uno(the ageless one)!

A margarita at Grand Solmar would not be the same without their amazing staff(Manny, Felix, & Sammy). Also, what could possibly be better than enjoying a margarita poolside with the best views in all of Cabo?

Celebrating with a group and looking for a margarita getaway? Look no further than this incredible villa...

3. Villa Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas --

Villa Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas

Now this is where the recipe comes in handy. Just hand the 3-2-1 recipe to your private in-home bartender when you arrive and you and 13 of your closest friends will be enjoying National Margarita Day all week long.

Your Turn...

Since I have another 5 weeks before I am on my way to Cabo, looks like I will be spending my margarita day at El Callejon. Where will you Celebrate National Margarita Day?