Springtime vacation New Jersey Shore

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New Jersey's coastal areas see a lot of tourists during the summer stretch between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  The beautiful beaches and timeless boardwalks were damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but much of the area has now returned to its former glory.  People seeking to experience the Shore's pre-Sandy magic will not be disappointed.

There is a secret that few people know about the popular tourist communities along this part of the Atlantic coastline: springtime is a great time to visit, and an even better time to host a special event.  Even though the Jersey Shore, especially the Southern Shore, remains laid back throughout the year, the springtime boasts both nice weather and much smaller crowds.  The heavy tourist traffic from Philadelphia and New York City is still a month or two away.

In short, during the Spring, you get to experience all those things that have made this part of New Jersey one of the most famous vacation spots in the Eastern US, but you get to do so without the chaos of summertime crowds.

Vacation Ideas for springtime - Jersey Shore

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Coastal New Jersey has a number of worthwhile destinations. Ocean City is a classic beach town.  It has drawn visitors since the late 1800s.  This is where you can have the quintessential boardwalk experience.  Events are held throughout the year, so there is plenty of excitement during the springtime in Ocean City, from concerts, parades, and contests.

Speaking of excitement, Atlantic City is still thriving.  It boasts the world's oldest boardwalk, which is now lined with modern casinos that have managed to keep their classic ambiance.  These venues are in full swing year-round, as are the restaurants, theaters, and concert venues that are associated with them.  In April and May, AC's beachside resorts are not at full capacity, so you can have your pick of suites (the best of which overlook the ocean).  

East Coast Destinations

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And then there are places that along the Shore that are smaller than the region's headliners, but still have plenty of attractive attributes.  That is the case with Red Bank.  This culture-rich community sits on a prime piece of real estate only about 25 miles from the southern tip of Manhattan (but a million miles away from the urban atmosphere of the Big Apple). The daylong Red Bank International Flavor Festival brings quality food and wines to the streets of this charming town, which is day-trip close to both Philadelphia and New York City.  The community will also host a Wedding Walk where would-be brides and grooms can sample the best caterers, bakers, and venues in the region.

Luxury Vacation Rentals in New Jersey

Red Bank is also home to one of the most impressive private estate event venues on the East Coast, the Cobble Close Farm.  Parts of the property, which features classic French Norman architecture, were actually shipped from France during the 1920s.  This gives the estate exactly the kind of lavish but timeless feel that some of the best venues in Atlantic City have.  Owned by department store magnates at one point, Cobble Close has courtyards, gardens and covered walkways.  And, it can host up to 300 guests.

Event Venues in New Jersey

So whether you are inspired by Red Bank's Wedding Walk and want the perfect romantic venue for your special day or you want to take advantage of the cool spring breezes and lack of crowds to give guests the most pleasant evening possible for your corporate or special event, the Cobble Close farm should be high on your list.  There are even onsite suites that you can use before moving on to explore the classic boardwalks that we mentioned before.

Luxury event hosting New Jersey

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We have other estates along the Atlantic Coast.  On our web site's search page, you can find a perfect springtime event venue near you.

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