San Diego New Years Eve events

Even people who never stay out beyond dinnertime like to hit the dance floor and pop open a celebratory bottle of champagne on New Year's Eve.

Whether you want to celebrate the symbolic “fresh start” that every January 1st brings or you are just looking for an excuse to dress stylishly and splurge on a glamourous night on the town, every major US city has plenty of December 31st options for you.

Few cities, however, can match San Diego when it comes to the sheer number and diversity of New Year's Eve options.

From a gourmet-themed soiree in one of California's finest restaurants to a dinner and dance experience aboard a battleship (yes, really), San Diego's New Year's Eve menu is littered with possibilities.

San Diego New Years Eve Party Ideas

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Even typical New Year's Eve standards stand out here. The hotel-based fests are not confined to a characterless ballroom. San Diego's best hotel parties take place multiple floors, feature numerous bands, and an almost absurd amount of food and drink options.

In short, if you have to choose one New Year's Eve destination in California, San Diego should certainly be at the top of your list. And if you live in the metro area, then you already know that you don't need to travel elsewhere to truly enjoy the last few hours of 2013 and the first minutes of 2014.

San Diego New Years Eve

The Shores Restaurant, part of the style-heavy La Jolla Shores Hotel, serves up the fine dining version of classic California cuisine. The only thing as stunning as the dishes served here are the panoramic coastal views, which provide the perfect backdrop for people seeking a romantic and flavor-filled New Year's Eve experience.

Or perhaps you would rather host your own gourmet-themed New Year's Eve event.

The La Bella Vida, a Spanish style villa with well-manicured grounds in Rancho Santa Fe is the perfect venue for a sit-down meal and a evening of stylish entertainment. What could be better than taking advantage of the pleasant wintertime weather in San Diego to toast the New Year on one of the estate's patios?

To get a more atmospheric setting that you'd find at La Bella Vida, you would actually have to travel to the Spanish Mediterranean.

San Diego New Years Eve events

Another option, probably one of the most unusual settings for a New Year's Eve party on the entire West Coast, is the party on board the USS Midway, which was once a working battleship but is now a floating museum.

A buffet and live band will take revelers through the evening to the midnight champagne toast.

Carlsbad, California's Villa Costa can provide the same kind of unique experience for people who want to host an exclusive and private New Year's Eve event. This villa, which was inspired by the vacation homes that give the Italian Riviera its glamorous appeal, has amazing ocean views, designer elements that use marble and oak, and spacious areas for dining and dancing, and extensive grounds for those guests who want to raise their glasses to the new year while also enjoying the fresh Pacific breezes.

San Diego Event estates

Each year the Hilton San Diego Bayfront is home to one of the country's biggest New Year's Eve parties. This is nothing at all like the typical “hotel ballroom” New Year's Eve bash. There are 12 themed party areas throughout the hotel complex.  You can groove on one of six dance floors to music played by local, national and international DJ, and stuff yourself with gourmet foods.

With its tall glass windows, amazing views, and multi-level patios, Rancho Santa Fe's Pinnacle Point can host an event that will feel as epic and memorable as whatever you experience at the Hilton Bayfront.

However, this 75 person event space will have two qualities that any larger space lacks: intimacy and exclusivity.

The seemingly endless views, unmistakably luxurious design and glamorous location at the summit of San Diego make Pinnacle Point the perfect location if you want your party to stand out above all the other New Year's Eve options both geographically and in terms of the quality of your guests' experiences.


Whether you are planning to spend New Year's Eve in San Diego, or elsewhere in California, you can find exactly the kind of event estate that you are looking for on our special California listing page.

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