Thou Shall Not Covet Another Wedding’s Ideas

I began the year with an engagement, carried it out with a wedding and ended it with a new life with my husband. To say that this year was busy with wedding planning would be an understatement. It was my focus from the minute I said yes to that proposal.

While my day went accordingly to plan, I do wish that I had made more than just personal New Year’s resolutions. As the wedding planning wore on, I realized just how important New Year’s resolutions can be for engaged couples.

As a new year approaches, many couples are beginning the process of planning their special day. While the upcoming year might be your best and brightest, it might also be your most stressful if you don’t make some wedding resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are not just for personal goals and milestones. They can also help the couple planning their wedding to keep calm and carry on without losing their minds. As you make toasts to the New Year on December 31st  for auld lang syne, be sure to keep these wedding resolutions in mind.

1. Thou Shall Enjoy Being Engaged

Thou Shall Enjoy Being Engaged

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When I got engaged in February, there was a brief moment where only my now husband and I knew there was a ring on that finger. That moment had a peace and calm to it that was in fact short lived. The minute we picked up the phone to call our friends and family, the wedding planning began. In hindsight, I wish we spent more time enjoying just being engaged.

While we were under a tight time schedule for wanting to get married in the summer so as to not wait a full year and a half for next summer, we leaped into wedding planning from our engagement. Newly engaged couples or even those just getting engaged in the early parts of this year should resolve to spend time enjoying their engagement before diving into wedding planning.

2. Thou Shall Order Thy Dress Early

Thou Shall Order Thy Dress Early

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Every bride is frequently told to order their dress early. However, not all of us know just how early that may be. In my case, I was told that if I ordered my dress a week later, I wouldn’t have allowed enough time. I thought that seven months in advance would be enough time. However, different designers can have varied production schedules. If you don’t get your dress ordered by a certain time, you could be biting your nails as the days inch closer to your wedding. It is also vital to leave enough time on the calendar for several rounds of alterations. Brides in 2014 should resolve to not put off ordering their wedding dress.

3. Thou Shall Not Select A Venue Solely For Its Looks

Thou Shall Not Select A Venue Solely For Its Looks

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Selecting a wedding venue is no easy task. Most couples make their choice based on how it looks. Your wedding ceremony and reception backdrop will live on for years to come in wedding photographs and albums. However, you can save yourself a great deal of chaos and confusion if you select a wedding venue beyond its looks. Beautiful properties should also offer you something for your money beyond the pretty pictures.

Many couples can grow clouded by what venues they want without ever going over the details of what you get for your money. From on-site catering services to linen rentals, the venue with more than just a pretty face can save a couple the headaches. Engaged couples tying the knot in the New Year must resolve to look beyond the pretty picture of their venues and seek out estates with the amenities to suit the occasion. There are countless beautiful wedding locations but not all of those locales offer the same level of service as the next.

4. Thou Shall Spend Time Selecting Vendors Carefully

Thou Shall Spend Time Selecting Vendors Carefully

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A few of the vendors for my wedding were not what they could have been. I realized that the mistake vendors were often those I selected a bit too quickly. Your wedding day vendors can be hits or misses. If you don’t spend the proper time selecting each one, you could end up with that photographer who loses memory cards or the florist who wants to flower every inch of your venue.

Brides and grooms in the New Year should resolve to spend the time interviewing their vendors, especially the key players such as the photographer, florist and transportation services. In my case, I didn’t really read reviews or meet with too many options for vendors. While you don’t want to spend too much time fretting over the vendors, you do need to take some time with each provider to make a confident choice.


5. Thou Shall Not Covet Another Wedding’s Ideas

Thou Shall Not Covet Another Wedding’s Ideas

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In the midst of wedding planning, couples can get bogged down with too many ideas from other weddings. You might see a photograph of a wedding on Pinterest or in a magazine and try to replica it exactly. In the process, you are losing what makes your day special to you. No two weddings should be identical. Couples should resolve to spend less time coveting the weddings of others and more time formulating their own wishes and wants for their special day.

6. Thou Shall Take A Step Back and Keep It Simple

Thou Shall Take A Step Back and Keep It Simple

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There were times with my wedding planning where I wish I took a step back and remembered to keep it simple. While every couple wants a special day, unnecessary details can hamper wedding planning to the point of exhaustion. You don’t want to get sick of wedding planning but fatigue will develop if you have too much going for your special day. Couples can keep it simple by sizing down their giant wedding parties or leaving the wedding week more open.

While you always think you will have time for this, that and the other thing, you won’t. The best step you can take is a backwards motion. Before you demand all of the details that seem necessary at the time, take a step back and decide if it is worth it in the end. Couples getting married in the New Year can keep it simple with their weddings if they merely resolve to avoid getting trapped in the details of wedding planning.

Your Turn…

Every couple will encounter challenges with their wedding planning and their actual wedding day. The best resolution that you can make is to smile through the hiccups. Your big day won’t go exactly accordingly to plan but it will always make for the greatest of stories. What resolutions would you add to the list for the engaged couple? Share your wedding New Year’s resolutions with us in the comments below...