There’s no place on Earth quite like New York Cityespeically when it comes to celebrating. From sky-high lofts to storied hotels, New York City venues are nothing short of visually stunning. Today, then, we’re sharing 20 of our favorite swoon-worthy New York City venues with you. So buy that plane ticket to the Big Apple and get out your most comfortable pair of walking shoeswe’re taking you on a tour of the most stunning settings the city has to offer today.

1. Tribeca Rooftop

Tribeca Rooftop New York City Venue

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A 15,000-square-foot New York City venue that overlooks the Hudson River, the Empire State Building, Soho, and downtown Manhattan, few other venues feel as magical as Tribeca Rooftop. The space also boasts a 1,100-square-foot cherry wood dance floor and a 65-foot-long skylight that’s nothing short of stunning. Our favorite part, though? The 18,000 square-foot deck (which happens to be one of the largest decks in the city), complete with lounge furniture and landscaping.

Tribeca Rooftop New York City Venue

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We're especially swooning over the industrial-chic aesthetic the space boasts. Exposed brick and a lit staircase make for design details that need little (if any) dressing up. Worth nothing? The in-house catering crew is highly acclaimed, and event staff is top-notch. So you can rest easy knowing your soirée is in the best hands in the city. We love the idea of booking Tribeca Rooftop for a large wedding, as the space can hold up to 320 guests (or 380 without a dance floor) for a seated reception and up to 700 for cocktails.

2. Capitale

Capitale New York City Venues 2

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With Corinthian columns, lavish limestone, a coved ceiling, and a breathtaking skylight, Capitale is the perfect New York City venue for those looking for all things lavish. Originally a bank built in 1893, the space feels as storied as they come. With a 15,000-square-foot grand ballroom, Capitale can accommodate up to 700 guests for a seated affair, or 1,500 for a cocktail-style reception—making it a stunning setting for everything from large corporate events to grand wedding receptions.

Capitale New York City Venues

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We especially love the way lighting can completely transform the space. Purples and blues make for a decadent feel, while warm yellows illuminate the venue's features, offering a softer aesthetic. Worth noting: The high-end service Capitale offers is unparalleled. The staff’s attention to detail and attentiveness are unsurpassed, making it one of our favorite New York City venues for the host who wants to ensure his or her event is taken care of from tip to tail.

3. The Angel Orensanz Foundation

The Angel Orensanz Foundation New York City venues 3

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Next, we head to The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts. Established in 1992 as an artistic and cultural resource for artists, the foundation maintains a historic building as part of its mission, providing the public with an unbelievably beautiful setting for soirées of all kinds. The former Ansche Chesed Synagogue was built in 1849 and, thanks to the Angel Orensanz Foundation, remains standing boasting its original architecture today.

Angel Orensanz Foundation New York City Venues

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Grand columns, a stunning stage, and neo-gothic architecture make for design details your guests won’t soon forget.  As the oldest reformed synagogue in the United States, we love the idea of hosting a stunning wedding ceremony and reception here. The 7,000-square-foot main space can accommodate up to 260 guests for dinner, while the balcony level can fit an additional 200.

4. New York Public Library

New York Public Library Wedding

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A list of New York City venues wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the famous NY Public Library. A spot for history lovers and bookworms alike (and Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City), the New York Public Library boasts stunning architecture amongst a storied setting. Our favorite part, though? With countless venue spaces to choose from, hosts can truly customize their event. Whether you’re looking for an intimate space for a small soirée or an expansive setting for a grand affair, the New York Public Library offers a number of event space options.

5. Duet

Duet Restaurant NYC

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Nestled in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Greenwich Village, Duet Restaurant is a space that manages to feel intimate, lively, and as swanky as they come. Whitewashed exposed brick, towering floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and tufted seating in a dreamy chocolate hue all make for design details that manage to communicate both upscale decadence and down-home comfortand we can’t get enough of the striking balance.

Duet NYC

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We love the idea of hosting a charming wedding reception at Duet in the beautiful Barrow Room (above), where warm chandelier lighting helps to set a celebratory and welcoming mood. Our favorite part of hosting soirées at Duet, though? The culinary experience—from house-infused vodkas to plates as creative as they are mouthwatering, any affair at Duet is sure to leave guests well-fed.

6. Hill & Dale

Hill and Dale New York City Venues

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A quirky-cool space for everything from bachelor dinners to birthday parties, Hill & Dale is one of our all-time favorite New York City venues. Funky wallpaper, exposed brick, and sleek wood booths give this gastropub an aesthetic that feels vintage, thoughtful, and absolutely charming.

Hill and Dale New York City Venues

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The space is perfect for music lovers, as Hill & Dale gets its name from the process that was once used to create records. It also boasts design details that offer a nod to the nostalgic days of music recording’s past. Look closely, and you’ll notice phonograph-inspired details in everything from the wallpaper to the light fixtures. The indoor space can accommodate up to 100 guests for soirées of all typesand its bar packages and hors d'oeuvres menu are both unbelievable. (Insider’s Tip: opt for the Lobster Mac & Cheese Bites and the Deviled Eggs.)

7. Morningside Castle

Morningside Castle NYC

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Perfect for those who are looking to escape New York without ever leaving it, Morningside Castle offers a setting as ethereal as they come. With a courtyard that spans over two city blocks long, two expansive ballrooms, and a gothic chapel, it’s one of our favorite New York City venues for the couple looking to host a fairytale-worthy wedding. Storied stone and stunning architecture come together to create an aesthetic that lies somewhere between historic city and charming countryside.

Morningside Castle NYC Venues

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Morningside Castle’s indoor and outdoor spaces can each accommodate up to 200 guests, and the renowned Masterpiece Caterers provides all catering, ensuring your guests will dine on the freshest (and tastiest) seasonal fare.

8. Houston Hall

Houston Hall New York City venues

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Boasting five stunning skylights, brick walls chock-full of character, and exposed-beam ceilings, New York City’s Houston Hall is a space that manages to feel both industrial and warm. We love the idea of hosting a bachelor party here. The venue’s down-home urban aesthetic doesn’t need much dressing up, and it always has a great selection of draft beers.

Houston Hall New York City Venues 2

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It’s also a perfect space for a laid-back wedding reception. Weddings at Houston Hall can accommodate up to 200 guests for a seated dinner. The venue offers customizable menus, a private dressing room, and natural light that will leave your photographer weak in the knees.

9. The Skylark

The Skylark New York City Venues 2

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With deep, dark hues, clean design lines, and views that don’t need any dressing up, the Skylark is a space that feels as city-chic as they come. Set 30 stories above the hustle and bustle of the city in the heart of Times Square South, we love the idea of booking the Skylark for everything from intimate wedding receptions to celebratory launch parties.

The Skylark New York City Venues

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Events can take place between the cocktail lounge (the main space) and an open-air rooftop terrace, where views of the Hudson and Midtown Manhattan are in no short supply. Tufted velvet design details, sleek light fixtures, and floor-to-ceiling windows all make for a space (almost) as show-stopping as the view it boasts. The Skylark can accommodate up to 80 guests for that next big-city soirée you’re planning.

10. 21 Club

21 Club Wine Cellar NYC

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Number 10 on our list brings us to 21 Club, an iconic NYC spot with a rich history. Built during prohibition with its own hidden wine cellar and disappearing bar, 21 Club is one of the most famous speakeasies in American history. It officially opened its doors on January 1, 1930 and, lucky for Venuelusters everywhere, is still open today for drinks, dinner, and swanky private events. Our favorite space? The original prohibition-era wine cellar (above), which can seat up to 22 lucky guests for a private dinner like no other.

21 Club NYC

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We especially love 21 Club’s famous collection of trinkets and toys in its Bar Room (perhaps the most famous space in the entire venue). Everything from helmets to toy trains to tennis rackets hang from the ceiling above tables that have seen everyone from Frank Sinatra to Bill Murray. Events at 21 Club range from holiday get-togethers to birthday celebrations. With a selection of 10 private rooms, 21 Club can host anywhere from 10-200 guests for that party you’re planning.

11. Ink48

Rooftop wedding in NYC at Ink 48 Hotel

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With over 6,000 square feet of customizable event space to work with, Ink48 in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen makes for an unforgettable setting for everything from corporate events to wedding receptions. The venue’s most popular space is its “Heaven over Hell” Penthouse, a 1,000-square-foot space that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Hudson and Manhattan’s west skyline. We love the idea of holding your ceremony on the penthouse's private 2,200-square-foot deck (above), and then bringing guests inside to dance the night away inside of the impeccably adorned suite.

12. Il Buco

Il Buco NYC

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Next up on our list of stunning New York City venues we head to Il Buco, an NYC restaurant that foodies everywhere praise. From the exclusive wine cellar to the chef’s table, private dining options at Il Buco are both versatile and customizablemaking it a venue well suited for everything from large family dinners to surprise parties to full-scale wedding receptions.

Il Buco NYC Wine Cellar

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Hosts can rent out the entire space for up to 100 of their closest friends and family. Or, for those looking to hone in on the culinary experience, Il Bucos’ semi-private chef’s table seats up to 20 guests at an expansive farm table adjacent to the open kitchen. Our favorite option, though? Il Buco’s wine cellar (above), which boasts more than 500 labels (and, as legend has it, may have inspired at least one of Edgar Allen Poe’s works).

13. 3 West Club

3 West Club Terrace NYC

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Number 13 on our list of unforgettable New York City event venues brings us to 3 West Club. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s coveted Rockefeller Center, 3 West Club is the perfect venue for those who don’t want to skimp on service or luxury. The space can host up to 150 guests in its stunning grand ballroom, and it boasts a total of six customizable spaces for soirées of all sizes. We’re espeically swooning over the idea of a wedding at 3 West Club on its rooftop solarium and outdoor terrace, which offers a view of St. Patrick’s Cathedral your guests won’t soon forget.

14. Aretsky's Patroon Townhouse

Aretsky's Patroon NYC

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Next up, we head to Aretsky’s Patroon Townhouse located on East 46th Street in Manhattan. With a dreamy rooftop terrace that feels oh-so New York, we love the idea of hosting a birthday party or wedding reception at Aretsky’s. Its terrace can accommodate up to 60 guests for a seated affair, or 150 for a standing soirée. Hosts can choose from a number of others spaces to work with as well: the entire townhouse can be rented out for a large-scale celebration, or individual rooms can be booked for smaller get-togethers.

15. Blue Water Grill

Blue Water Grill NYC

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With the ability to accommodate anywhere from 15 to 350 guests, and a mouthwatering menu your guests will fall in love with, we’re swooning over the idea of hosting everything from wedding receptions to bridal showers at Blue Water Grill. White marble walls, plush seating, and gold design details make for a space that manages to feel both serene and decadent.

The restaurant offers hosts four main event spaces to work with: The Main Dining Room can accommodate up to 150 standing guests (or 100 seated) and offers an airy and open aesthetic; The Mezzanine can accommodate up to 75 standing guests (or 50 seated) and is a semi-private dining space that offers its own restrooms (perfect for rehearsal dinners); The Bank Vault is a private room that can accommodate up to 35 standing guests (or 30 seated) and offers built-in A/V (great for corporate meetings); and The Metropolis can accommodate up to 125 standing guests (or 85 seated).

16. Harding’s NYC

Harding's New York City

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With a cocktail lounge, mezzanine, private den, and dining room all available for booking, Harding’s NYC is a classic New York restaurant that makes for an unbelievably versatile event space. The entire restaurant can host up to 250 standing guests, or 130 seated, making it perfect for everything from wedding receptions to corporate holiday parties.

Harding's NYC Den

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We especially love the idea of hosting a bachelor party in Harding’s Private Den (above)with deep teal walls, tufted seating, and a candlelit mantel, the space manages to feels warm, welcoming, and masculine. We’re also huge fans of Harding’s Main Dining Space, where exposed brick, sleek concrete, warm woods, and an age-old American Flag come together to create an atmosphere nothing short of down-home chic.

17. Stollway

Stollway NYC

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If there’s one thing we love at Venuelust, it’s a blank-slate venue that lays the foundation for some serious customization, and, from the looks of it, Stollway is speaking our language. An active knitting factory that boasts an urban warehouse aesthetic, we love the raw feel of this wide-open space. Located in the heart of NYC’s Garment District, the space can accommodate up to 150 guests. We especially love Stollway for photo shoots, fashion shows, launch parties, and corporate celebrations.

18.Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake NYC event venue

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Located in New York City's West Chelsea Historic District, Cedar Lake is a dance and theatre space previously owned by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, making it a perfect venue for lovers of the arts. With a beautiful theatre area, brick walls, and all of the bells and whistles needed for affairs of all kinds, the space is available to rent for everything from wedding receptions to product launches to theatre productions. We're especially in love with the endless natural light the venue draws in through its massive front windows. With a versatile and customizable main space that can accommodate up to 500 guests, there’s not much you can’t do with this wide-open, stunning setting.

19. Pera SOHO

Pera NYC

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A brasserie with seemingly endless event spaces to choose from, Pera offers guests a tastes of the Mediterranean in Midtown. Event space options include a private dining room, a semi-private wine alcove, a small wine alcove, the communal bar table, and the entire restaurant. With sleek design details, clean lines, and thoughtful low lighting, affairs at Pera manage to feel both intimate and warm, while still staying true to that big-city celebratory aesthetic. Pera can accommodate up to 150 guests for a seated wedding celebration, or 300 guests for a cocktail-style soirée. 

20. Ellis Island National Monument

Ellis Island Wedding

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A roundup of New York City venues wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the iconic Statue of Liberty. So, Number 20 on our list brings us to the famed Ellis Island, where Venuelusters can host guests for a night under the stars like no other. Celebrations at Ellis Island National Monument begin and end with a private ferry ride to and from your destination (with a stop at the Statue of Liberty for a photo op your photographer will swoon over).

Ellis Island Weddings Great Hall

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Outdoor event spaces include the Wall of Honor, and indoor options include the Great Hall at Ellis Island (above). No matter which you choose, though, one thing is for sureyour guests won’t soon be able to shake the magical view of New York City’s sparkling skyline.

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That's what we've rounded up for you today. Have any iconic New York City venues we missed? Share them with us in the comments section below. We'd love to hear all about your favorite wedding and event spots in the Big Apple.