Noise Curfew at Private Estates - Why they Matter

So you’re looking for a unique venue for your wedding or event, and you are really hoping to find someplace where you can party until the wee hours of the morning.

Having no such luck?

One of my most common questions that I get roughly 80% of the time is:

When does my wedding or event have to end?  Is there a noise curfew?

I hate to disappoint, however, private estates can be stricter than a hotel in this instance.  Homes are (for the most part) residentially zoned, not commercially zoned like a hotel.  Even the most elaborate mansion is subject to city laws and noise ordinances, just like your own home. Chances are that the estate that you are looking at will have a 10pm curfew for amplified music.

Whether the neighbors are immediately next door or even a mile down the road, it doesn’t matter.  If the city law says no amplified music after 10pm, then that is that.

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Be cautious when scouting a venue that can allow you to party until midnight. If you rented your wedding venue through a vacation rental website, be very cautious. If you don't have a professional venue manager that knows their stuff, you might be in trouble!  If your DJ or band is playing outside and disturbing the neighbors, the cops can, and sometimes will, get called.  No one wants the police to come and shut down their wedding or event, but it does happen if you don’t abide by the rules.

Let’s say you don’t really care if the cops are called because you played your music past 10pm.  So be it.  You had your fun and now you have a crazy story to tell everyone for years to come.  Well, don’t forget to think about the big picture here. The ramifications of your actions can actually spread in a ripple effect, just like when you drop a stone into a still body of water.

Why should you care if it doesn’t affect you or your wedding?  If you have an ounce of compassion in you, you might think about future brides and grooms that are planning to have their wedding at this home in the future. You aren’t the only one who fell in love with this venue!  You may have ruined their chances of having their wedding there, believe it or not.

Venues can get shut down because of noise complaints.  In fact, many cities have completely eliminated the possibilities of having an estate wedding because of neighbor complaints.  Cities have actually changed their laws to eliminate private parties at residential homes altogether, restricting them to a small amount of guests, or requiring a special permit limited to a couple per year.

This means that the cost of having an estate wedding could increase dramatically for your friend, family member, or anyone else that was planning to have their wedding at a private home.  If the venue gets shut down it can also eliminate the homeowners' source of income that they were counting on.

Private Event Venues Noise Restrictions

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If you're stuck on having your party go to midnight or 2am, consider having an after party at a local bar or club.  Your guests can be shuttled over to the after party location where you can party for a few extra hours.

Who knows, you might actually be exhausted after your wedding. While you think you'll want to be out all night, really you might just want to crash and call it a night at 10pm anyway.

Your Turn...

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