Unique Event Ideas for November:

November is the unofficial start of the holiday season for many people.

The events surrounding Thanksgiving are the main highlight of the eleventh month for many people.

However, a host of fabulous sporting events and some colorful pop culture and traditional celebrations are also on the menu for those looking for something out of the ordinary this November.

Whether you want to spend time in the US or travel abroad, you'll be able to find festivities that will help you make November the most exciting month of the year.

Here are the most unique and exiting events taking place around the world this November...

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

What to do in November: Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

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The storied Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the main November highlight for a number of people around the US.

Tourists flock to Manhattan to stand along the parade route and enjoy the impressive floats, celebrity participants, and Broadway performances.

Hotels in New York City are usually packed during Thanksgiving, so people who haven't booked might have to stay in one of the outer boroughs or rent a vacation estate in or near the city.

San Diego Asian Film Festival

Top November Events & Festivals

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There are plenty of film festivals taking place in the late fall.

One of the most interesting is the San Diego Asian Film Festival, a weeklong celebration of Asian cinema artists that draws some of the most talented film makers from both sides of the Pacific.

Movies, documentaries and short films are screened at theaters around San Diego.

If you want to spend more than a week in Southern California, you can rent a private vacation estate for two weeks or even a month and enjoy other events such as the San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival.

Macau Grand Prix

Fun things to do in November: Macau Grand Prix

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On the other side of the Pacific, the Macau Grand Prix, one of auto racing's premier events, takes place on the hilly roads of China's rapidly rising gaming and vacation destination.

With a number of different types of vehicles taking turns on the course, from Formula 3 open wheel cars to motorcycles to sports cars, there is plenty to see on race days.

And of course, this former Portuguese colony is one of the most exciting places to visit on the far side of the Pacific.

It boasts gigantic casinos, world-class shows, and also plenty of history and atmosphere for those who don't want to spend their time at the races or in the casinos.

Canada's Grey Cup Football Championship

Event Planning for November Events

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No, it is not the Super Bowl, but the Grey Cup, the championship game of the Canadian Football League, has a lot of excitement surrounding it.

Held in a different Canadian city each year, there are a number of great events leading up to the game itself.

A parade is held annually, and a number of concerts take place in the days before the game (held in late November).

Some of the country's most famous pop and rock acts play at half-time of the game itself.

Sports fans who are unfamiliar with Canadian football may find that they like this fast-paced cousin of the NFL because of its wider fields, 12 player sides, and more liberal passing rules.

Black Friday Shopping

Things to do in November: November Black Friday Vacation

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The day after Thanksgiving has become known as Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

For some people, this day is a kind of unofficial holiday.

Shoppers arrive at malls and department stores early in the morning to find good deals and take advantage of special sales.

If you are traveling in a big city for the Thanksgiving holiday, then perhaps a trip to some of the country’s best department stores and malls could be a good way to add some excitement to your vacation.

Catamaran Races

Unique Event Ideas for November:

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If you live in more-northern regions of America, you may already be experiencing some chilly weather by November.

This means it is a good time to head south to the Caribbean.

The Aruba Catamaran Regatta (sponsored by Heineken) is an annual event that draws some fo the world's best sailors and fastest boats.

Sports fans will love the strategy and speed of world-class catamaran racing, and anyone can enjoy the spectacle from the beautiful beaches of this vacationers' paradise.

What is your favorite November event or celebration?

Let us know what you are looking forward to this November in the comments section...