Once Upon a Time Wedding Theme: Ideas + Tips + Inspiration

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If you're a fan of ABC's Once Upon a Time, you've probably heard the great news.

On April 12, Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White on the series, tied the knot with co-star Josh Dallas, her Prince Charming in real life and on the show. These two had the most fairy tale engagement of them all, because they met while filming and fell in love.

In honor of Ginnifer and Josh's wedding, this post is going to give you tons of ideas you can use for your very own Once Upon a Time wedding!

The show pulls on many similar styles and themes as previous Disney-themed wedding posts on this blog, and since it doesn't focus on just one character's storyline, the ideas here are for the couple who wants a general fairy tale-themed wedding (but with some hints of the show included!).

Ready to dive in?


First thing's first, you gotta start with some incredible invitations.

The key here is to pick invitations that emulate the magic of a Once Upon a Time wedding. This could mean you choose font that's swirly and elegant, or font similar to the illuminated manuscript look of old texts or books. For even more impact, go with a pop-up design!

Disney Wedding Ideas

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Disney Wedding Invitations

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As mentioned in a previous Cinderella Disney wedding post, you could also choose to print invitations on tea-dyed paper with slightly burnt edges, and roll them up like scrolls for delivery (on horseback or through the post office, it's up to you).


The ring you get for your engagement is of course completely up to you, but if you're addicted to Once Upon a Time and don't care for diamonds, you can opt for a Snow White-inspired peridot ring.

Disney Wedding Ring Ideas

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Disney Wedding Rings

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An alternative would be to get a diamond ring that's surrounded by peridot gems, or get your wedding band made with peridot.


Snow White's dress in the show, like many Disney princesses, was very much a ballgown style.

Look for a dress that has a fitted bodice and elegantly flares out at the waist or hips. And if you get one with feathers, you'll be matching Snow White's style to a T.

Disney Wedding Dress

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Want to reflect some of the current wedding dress trends? Get a short dress with feathers.

Disney Wedding Dress Ideas

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Finish off with some long gloves, a matching pair of shoes, and some elaborate vintage jewelry and you're good to go!


This one's a no-brainer.

For a truly Once Upon a Time-themed wedding, you should have your wedding at a castle. Castles can be found anywhere in the world, which means you can even have a destination wedding, if you want!

Disney Wedding Venues

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Disney Wedding Venue Ideas

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Even better, you could get married in a gazebo like Snow White and Prince Charming did in the show!

Disney Wedding Venue Locations

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Flowers and Centerpieces

Judging by the color Snow's name represents, you likely want to include a lot of white decorations.

At Snow and James's wedding, for example, there were garlands of white flowers twisting up the gazebo pillars. Throw in some elegant, romantic touches as well as some delicate pastels and you're bound to create a fairy tale atmosphere.

Disney Wedding Flowers

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Don't forget to throw in a royal carriage motif, too. You can use these as place settings or even table numbers if you wanted.

Disney Wedding Flower Ideas

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As if cakes weren't fun enough, you can choose some of the coolest designs for your Once Upon a Time cake.

Whether it's dragons or castles, you can pull on almost any fairy tale motif you want to. If you would rather have a simpler, more traditional cake, you can always adorn the top with a castle cake topper.

Disney Wedding Cakes

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Disney Wedding Cake Ideas

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Finishing Touches

Now, you just a few more final additions and you'll be having the fairy tale wedding of your dreams.

Start with a themed guest book, even one that's an exact replica of Henry's storybook in the show!

Disney Wedding Decor Ideas

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Disney Wedding Decorations

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Don't forget to have a head table that's the kind of royal treatment that Snow White and Prince Charming deserve:

Disney Wedding Inspiration

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Disney Wedding Planning

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Now add some little details and you're good to go.

"Once Upon a Time" Disney Wedding Ideas

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Recreating "Once Upon a Time" Disney Wedding

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Your Turn...

Though a Once Upon a Time wedding can be very general "fairy tale" themed, that doesn't mean it has to be any less amazing.

Apply some of these ideas in your planning and you'll end up with the happily-ever-after wedding of your dreams.

What is the one idea you just have to have in your Disney wedding? Tell us in the comments below!