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It's the most glamorous time of year. Hollywood puts on tuxedos and designer dresses and heads to the Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars).

Since these awards are the most prestigious and most anticipated in the entire international entertainment industry, the buzz starts months before the first celebrity takes to the red carpet.

If you want to know what the movie industry is all about, you have to experience the Oscars. This is truly a celebration of the marriage of entertainment and art.

Also, the pre-show red carpet has become a kind of fashion event that epitomizes glamor.

Academy Awards party ideas

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The problem: it is virtually impossible to get tickets to witness this event inside the famous Kodak Theater (unless you are invited or you know someone who is a member of the Academy).

Yes, you could apply to be a seat filler, but these tickets are mostly taken by (wannabe) actors. You actually have to submit a headshot to apply to be a seat filler. You can get a bleacher seat along the red carpet, but this requires applying for a sweepstakes six months in advance.

The bottom line is that the Academy Awards are mainly a television production, not an event that many people attend.

Academy awards events in los angeles

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So you most likely won't get anywhere near the Kodak Theater on Academy night, which is on March 2nd this year. But make yourself a promise right now: don't stay home and watch the event from your sofa and then go to bed early.

The glamor and the excitement are not limited to the awards ceremony itself. Some of the Oscar watching parties are as stylish and exciting as the main event.

And, of course, after-parties are held all throughout the LA area. At these exclusive (but not impossible-to-get-into) events, you can rub shoulders with Hollywood's elite and perhaps even get to congratulate one of the night's winners on their award.

Downtown Los Angeles Oscars Night event venue

Better yet: you could host an Academy Awards event yourself.

The Oscars are only a little over a month away, but throwing a viewing party (or better yet, a viewing party that turns into an after-party) is not as difficult as you think.

We have several fully-staffed estates that can help you plan and host your event. Downtown LA's Rooftop Gardens has to be the venue of choice for a glamorous Oscar event. The Gardens is an exclusive space on the rooftop of a building in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Beautiful gardens are a major part of the open air patio, and the venue boasts stylish modern furnishings and huge flatscreen TVs. Onsite staff and catering services really make this a turn-key venue.

All you have to do is give the experienced event planners your directions and then enjoy the proceedings just as if you were guest.

Los Angeles luxury Estate Rentals for the Academy Awards

Perhaps you think that Beverly Hills, where so many screen legends live, and have lived in the past, is a better location for an Academy Awards event.

(Maybe you could even get some famous residents to stop by after they attend the Oscars).

In this case. the aptly named Beverly Hills Modern Mansion is your best option in this glitzy city. This ultramodern, unbelievably luxurious estate can host 200 guests in its 11,000 square foot space and its huge outdoor deck viewing areas, from which you can enjoy wonderful views of Los Angeles. There are even five bedrooms for overnight guests.


Of course, you don't have to be in Los Angeles to throw an Academy Awards viewing party. We have venues all over the country that are perfect for just such an event.

Search our web site for an Oscar party estate near you.

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