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There’s something so city-chic about hosting a wedding at a venue with an industrial look and feel. The juxtaposition of a warm, romantic event at a space that is otherwise meant to feel cold and mechanical creates a sophisticated aesthetic. Florals pop against historic brick walls, mood lighting softens the look of exposed air ducts and concrete floors are warmed up with hundreds of pairs of dancing feet. At Venuelust, few things in the world make us swoon more than an artsy event at an industrial venue. Today, then, we wanted to break down our five favorite industrial-chic event spaces for you. So, put on your city shoes, friends, because we’re taking you to the Big Apple first:

The 1896

The 1896 Brooklyn New York Weddings and Events

Is there any better place in the world for an industrial-chic venue than Brooklyn? We think not. That’s why #1 on our list is the 1896, which located right in the heart of New York’s favorite borough. With two large indoor spaces (4,000 and 2,600 square feet), a spacious courtyard and a massive rooftop (over 8,000 square feet) available for rent, 1896 is a perfect spot for every type of event. You can even rent the industrial-size elevator or sky-lit stairwells for a post-event photoshoot. The building, which takes its name from the year it was built, started out as a factory - a fact not hidden by its current aesthetic. The narrow alley ways, smokestack and warehouse rooms are all dripping with industrial-chic charm. You can read more about the 1986 here.

Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Gardens


Centrally located in Downtown L.A., Rooftop Gardens is situated seven stories above the hustle and bustle of the City of Angels. We love the city-chic feel the patio offers with its concrete adornments and wrought iron daybeds. The space - a perfect balance of luxury and industrial - can comfortably accommodate up to 120 guests for a formal seated dinner or up to 300 for a casual stand-up reception. Modern furniture, countless flatscreens and a 70-foot pool add a touch of luxury to the modern aesthetic. The best part: the view, which includes all of the twinkling lights of Downtown Los Angeles. You can read more about the Rooftop Gardens here.

The Carondelet House

Carondelet House wedding industrial venue

Carondelet House event venue in los angeles

Carondelet House

We’re sticking with the West Coast for #3 on our list. The Carondelet House in also in Los Angeles. Built in 1928, this Italian-Style villa will have you wanting to dust off your old smoking jacket, light up a cigar and pour yourself a glass of that vintage cab you’ve been waiting years to open. The exposed brick walls are warmed up by hardwood floors, antique furniture and some of the most beautiful chandeliers we’ve ever seen. The space can host up to 300 guests for a standing event or 150 for a seated event (such as a wedding reception). With over 7,600 square feet of indoor space and an additional two outdoor courtyards available, the possibilities - as far as the event type and overall aesthetic go - are absolutely endless. We love the idea of adding some hard lines (think geometric linens) and industrial-chic florals (think airplants and succulents in square copper vases) to this gorgeous villa. You can read more about the Carondelet House here.

501 Union


501 Union Brooklyn Photo Credit JBM Weddings

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You didn’t think we’d get away with including only one Brooklyn venue on our industrial-chic top five list, did you? Built in 1916 as a warehouse that restored classic cars (romantic history...check), 501 Union was brought back to life in 2013 as an oh-so-stylish events venue. We love that the space provides guests the best of both worlds. It offers a memorable setting that party goers won’t soon forget, but it also provides modern-day amenities and services that will put your mind at ease when planning. Brass, marble and brick all come together to create an aesthetic as grand as it is industrial, and a 3,500-square-foot gallery (the venue’s largest space) boasts a 50-foot-wide skylight. Three different spaces are all available for rent. 501 can accommodate up to 160 guests for a formal seated event or up to 299 for a casual stand-up event. You can read more about 501 Union here. 

The Colony House

Colony House Wedding and Event Venue Aneheim 2

Warehouse industrial wedding venue

Colony House Event Venue Aneheim California

In the heart of Anaheim, California, sits #5 on our list: the Colony House. With a perfect balance of raw, industrial-chic fixtures and adornments and warm, natural lighting, Colony House is owned by 24 carrots, one of southern California’s most sought-out event-planning firms. The space as a whole can accommodate up to 750 guests, but individual areas and rooms can be rented out to create the perfect custom venue for your affair. The Great Rooms, for example, can each hold up to 300 guests, while the Loft can accommodate up to 80 people. And, even when this place is packed to the brim, it manages to feel open and airy with its bright lighting and vaulted ceilings. You can learn more about The Colony House here.

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