Southern Boutonniere Ideas

The ladies get bouquets and what do the men get?


The word itself can be seemingly complicated and foreign (it is pronounced boo-ton-yair), but the idea is simple- pin a single flower on on the left lapel of a suit through the buttonhole and voila!

Vous êtes fini!

The touch of elegance a boutonniere brings to a suited man's look is everlasting and absolutely necessary for a finished look at formal events.

Like most other lingering traditions, the boutonniere has been refashioned into ways European folk of centuries ago probably will not recognize, but really the originality is half the fun!

Check out some fresh ideas below to inspire your own wedding creations...

Super Heroes

Unique Boutonniere Ideas for a Wedding or Prom

Photo via WellGroomedBlog

The men will surely be all for this idea.

Have each groomsman pick out his favorite superhero figurine to wear proudly on his chest.

We guarantee there will be a confidence boost effect once the pin goes on.

Best for jokester couples or comic book fan couples.


Eco Friendly Boutonnieres

Photo via MarthaStewartWeddings

For the eco-savvy wedding...

We've expressed our approval for succulents again and again, but the best was yet to come.

Succulent buds make great boutonnieres because they are so tough!

They are sure to endure plenty of hugs and rowdy dance floor moves without any worry while looking very, very sharp.


Feather Boutonnieres

Versatility is in your hands with the option of synthetic feathers in a wide array of colors and sizes.

Choose a color that fits the theme of your wedding or one that mocks a favorite bird such as a blue jay or robin.

Peacock Bouts

Peacock Boutonnieres

Photo via Blush Floral Design

If your wedding is vintage-themed or glamorous, peacock feathers are a simple way to add a pop of color without going overboard.

Peacock feathers are their own pattern- no need to pair with much else!

Gold Leaf

Creative Boutonnieres Ideas

Photo via OnceWed

My personal favorite, the look of a gold leaf brings many luxurious things to mind.

Like the gilded pages of an old bible or anything gilded for that matter, the pairing of a gold leaf with any flower catches the eye of all.


Crocheted Boutonnieres for Weddings

Photo via GreenWeddingShoes

A rustic wedding favorite!

Show off what good ol' fashioned love looks like through imitating one of grandma's old crocheted pieces.

Use the wedding couple's favorite colors or those of the wedding color scheme to make crocheted flowers as seen above or crochet tiny blankets that wrap around rustic props such as button branches.


Southern Boutonniere Ideas

Grab a couple strands of wheat to pair with field flowers or use a single magnolia to exude Southern romance.

Wrap with burlap or a bit of lace to complete.


Seashell Boutonnieres

Photo and DIY directions from JeffnJing

If you are planning a sunny beach wedding or tropical-themed wedding by the water, seashell boutonnieres are a must-have!

Find seashells with a horn shape and complement them with crisp white flowers for the freshest effect.


Also found on the web: mini birdcage bouts, bird's nests, cotton plants, ribbons, medallions, candy, keys (to match locks on bride/bridesmaids bouquets).

If any groomsman feels opposed to donning your unconventional bout, recite the following words of wisdom from GQ magazine;

"If anybody makes remarks, tell him it was given to you by your karate or shooting instructor."

 Your Turn...

Do you have a favorite boutonniere, or any ideas to add? Let us know in the comments below...