Outdoor Wedding Flowers Ideas: The Ultimate Guide
If you're hosting an outdoor wedding then flowers are sure to be one of your top priorities.

Nothing speaks of the outdoors more than florals and foliage, which is why we've created the ultimate guide for everything you could ever need to know to ensure your outdoor wedding flowers take center stage (after you of course!)

Blooms That Are Up to the Task

Want to know the best blooms to take pride and place at your outdoor wedding? Check out the following varieties that are guaranteed not to let you down during your big day...

Roses --

Roses are one of the hardiest flowers in the bunch making them a principal consideration for your outdoor wedding. Their hearty composition champions high temperatures giving them incredible staying power. They look great paired with pretty much any other flower and are super easy to get hold of.

Outdoor wedding flower ideas

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Calla Lillies --

Calla lillies are an underused outdoor wedding flower with heaps of potential. In addition to the traditional white calla lily this tropical flower also comes in almost every shade of yellow, pink, orange, purple and even green! Due to their waxy petals, calla lillies can withstand heat and wind making them the perfect option for any of your outdoor wedding flower needs.

Wedding Flowers for an outdoor wedding venue

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Sunflowers --

Sunflowers are sturdy blooms that add a real pop of color to any arrangement. Because of their longer and thicker stems they are not prone to wilt as fast as smaller more delicate varieties with thinner and shorter stems, and they can withstand a lot more handling.

Ideas for your wedding flowers

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Orchids --

Orchids might not be the most budget friendly option but if you're tying the knot in the hotter summer months then they should definitely be one of your flowers of choice. Just like the calla lillies, their waxy petals stop them from drying out in stifling and humid conditions.

Outdoor Wedding Venues: All about the flowers

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Daisies --

Daisies are versatile and grow in a whole host of varieties and colors. Adding an element of charm and innocence to your arrangements, daisies work well in both bouquets and centerpieces of outdoor weddings.

Which are the best flowers for an outdoor wedding?

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Seasonal Blooms --

One of the easiest ways to ensure your outdoor wedding flowers will make the cut is to opt for varieties that are in season at the time of your wedding and are locally grown. Blooms that are already in season are more likely to survive a long day, especially with regards to your bouquet, as they will already be acclimatized to the current weather conditions. Plus you'll save big bucks!

Wedding flowers by season

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Outdoor Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

Need some inspiration for your outdoor wedding flower arrangements? Dive into our suggestions below...

Containers --

Container flower arrangements are the show stopper of any wedding, and with all the space you have to make use of when hosting an outdoor event there is no excuse not to take advantage of this arrangement idea for your big day. Flowers don't have to be planted in the containers, just placed inside.

Buy containers that are large enough to hold a selection of pots, and choose taller flowers to feature in the center and smaller less imposing trailing varieties to grace the outer perimeter. Consider using sphagnum moss to cover any visible pot edges.

Outdoor Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

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Baskets and Pedestals --

Baskets and pedestals are your best friend at an outdoor wedding. Fill your baskets with pots of blooming flowers and place them on the pedestals to give them height. Trawling varieties teamed with ivies and abundant greenery will make this style of arrangement a real statement. The baskets also double up as breathtaking centerpieces for the reception, helping you to cut costs and waste!

Flower arrangements for an outdoor wedding venue

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Vases --

Due to the stresses of outdoor wedding conditions on flowers, vases are often a more preferable option than floral foam. Direct sunlight and exposure to wind can cause floral foam to quickly dry out. Flowers in water will last far longer and can look stunning when placed in tall vases or cute Mason jars. If the stems of your flowers aren't quite long enough to reach the bottom of your vase then place a smaller vase inside to lift the flowers up.

Creative outdoor wedding flower ideas

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Topiaries --

Flowering topiaries are a great way to make a dramatic statement and create a blooming promenade that can serve as a enchanting entrance walkway to your event or as a charming ceremonial aisle. Butterfly bushes, bougainvilleas, and lilacs are easy topiaries to find, and they can either be planted directly in the ground or used in pots that coordinate with your outdoor wedding colors.

Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

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Keeping Your Outdoor Wedding Flowers Fresh

Refrigerate --

It's not just the food and drinks that you'll want to keep refrigerated during your outdoor wedding, you'll also want to make room for any of the most important bouquets or floral centerpieces. If space allows, keep your flowers in the fridge before moving them outdoors for maximum freshness.

Give Your Flowers a Drink  -- 

Whatever flowers you choose for your outdoor wedding, always keep your bouquets in a shady spot in a vase of fresh water when you're not using them. Assign someone the task of topping off the water if you see your vases running low.

Have a Spray Bottle Handy --

Keep a spray bottle of water on hand and lightly mist your flowers whenever you get a chance to help them stay vibrant.

Buy Unopened Blooms --

If you are purchasing your own flowers as opposed to letting a florist take care of it for you, then buy blooms that are on the verge of blossoming rather than those that are already in full bloom. This way, come the big day, your flowers won't be past their best already.

Add a Drop of Vodka --

If you are going for the DIY approach with your outdoor wedding flowers and are planning on putting together your own arrangements then try adding a splash of vodka to the water to avoid it becoming murky and smelly.

Unique floral ideas for an outdoor wedding

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3 Top Tips to Avoid Outdoor Wedding Flower Disaster

1. Stay away from bulb flowers such as tulips, hyacinth and daffodils  These garden flower varieties don't welcome the heat. Hot weather will cause them to droop as their hollow stems don't allow them to hold water, and they will end up looking very sorry for themselves indeed.

2. Avoid hosting your wedding in the midday sun and make it an early or late affair instead. If you do decide to throw your outdoor wedding event during the hottest part of the day then carefully consider the placement of your flowers and choose to place them under canopy wherever possible.

3. If your wedding venue is prone to wind, use heavy containers and secure your floral arrangements to stop them from flying away! If you are featuring an arch for the ceremony and are planning on decorating it with flowers, then make sure it is very sturdy and anchored to the ground so there is no chance it will fall down and destroy all the beautiful blooms along with it.

Wedding Decor Ideas for your outdoor wedding

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