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Photo of our featured estate of the week, Cape Cod House

Hello Estate Weddings and Events fans!

They say that spring is the season of love, but boy have we been feeling all the love these summer days with the multitude of weddings we've had the pleasure of hosting. Two of the most recent weddings took place here in San Diego: Kristen and Chris at the Emma Estate and Nakiya and Will at the Bali Gardens Estate-- be sure to view the amazing photographs and read the story about these amazing weddings.

If you are in need of tips for your own wedding, our Client Relations Manager Claire has taken the time to offer some outdoor wedding tips to avoid distasters like guests not being able to find your venue! We also have tasteful ideas for beach wedding dresses and destination wedding invitations.

What questions do you have for future blog posts? Leave us a comment below and we'll give our most thorough answers!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy our latest updates!

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