Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips

Outdoor weddings can provide the perfect backdrop for stunning photography that will the leave you boasting about all your amazing images.

Problem is, you can't plan for the weather and outdoor wedding photographers need to be prepared to tackle any kind of weather emergency and still come out on top. From ultra bright light to unexpected rain, Mother Nature always has a way of surprising us. Follow these tips to ensure you have the best memories of your wedding day...

Do Your Research

The best advice and by far the most important to guarantee you get great outdoor photos at your wedding is to do your research. If you know the area well you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect, if not then ask some of the local people for insights. These days you can see weather forecasts for anywhere up to two weeks prior to your date, but be wary as these can change drastically. To get the best idea of what to expect come the wedding day check the forecast two or three days beforehand.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips: Do Your Research

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Embrace The Elements

Don't let the weather spoil your special day. As hard as it is to believe some people actually say that rain on your wedding day is good luck! Try not to be upset if the weather takes a turn for the worse. This is supposed to be the best day of your life and you don't want to ruin the mood for you and your wedding guests by letting the elements get you down.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips: Embrace the Elements

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Have a Contingency Plan

On those rare occasions when everything really does go wrong weather-wise, always have a contingency plan. Make sure you get together with your photographer prior to your event and discuss alternative options. Scout out locations which offer shelter nearby and if possible a few indoor options as well. Planning a wedding is stressful enough and a wet weather plan will help ease the pressure.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips: Have a Contingency Plan

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Timing Is Everything

When planning your outdoor ceremony make sure you choose a time that will give you enough daylight hours for photography afterwards. Photographers need light to capture you at your most beautiful. If this isn't really going to work for you then consider pre ceremony photographs. Having your main wedding photos taken before you say your "I do's" is becoming more and more popular, and is the ideal option for couples tying the knot late in the day.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips: Timing Is Everything

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Sunset Shots

Everything looks extra special at sunset, which is why it makes for phenomenal wedding photos. Depending on what time of the year you are getting married, sunset shots can be tricky as the sun may be due to set late. Fear not though as there is nothing stopping you from sneaking out of the reception to snap a few memorable shots that will provide your wedding album with the perfect ending. For the best sunset shots scope out the area to ensure the sunset is clearly visible. You don't want anything to block your breathtaking backdrop so try to find somewhere up high or on the beach.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips: Sunset Shots

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The Sun Isn't Always Your Friend

A sunny day can actually pose just as many problems as a stormy one. A bright sunny day in the middle of summer can create all sorts of obstacles for a photographer. Not only will everyone in the photo end up squinting, they will also have dirk circles around their eyes from the shadow cast by the brow. As bad as it sounds, there is a super easy solution. You can either choose not to have the ceremony in the middle of the day or opt for coverage in the form of big shady trees, marquees, or structures that feature organza to screen the harshness of the light.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Tips: The Sun Isn't Always Your Friend

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