Outdoor Wedding Tips + PRO Advice

We've already shared with you our Top Ten Destinations for Outdoor Weddings,

but now that you have settled on a wedding venue,

we have some great tips regarding all the little details that that you may have overlooked regarding your outdoor wedding.

Take a look at these quick tips...

1. Footwear

Should you wear high heel shoes for an outdoor wedding?

One of the most common and overlooked details regarding an outdoor wedding comes down to your shoes!

If you're getting married at a private estate or a guest at one, chances are, either the ceremony or reception (or both) are outdoors on a lawn, gravel, or some uneven surface.

While some women opt for sandals, ballet flats, or maybe no shoes at all (beach wedding anyone?), many would prefer to wear a special pair of heels they picked out for this very day!

outdoor wedding high heels

high heels outdoor wedding

To prevent your heels from sinking into the ground, many companies (including SoleMates) offer a heel protector made of plastic that not only protects your heel from getting scratched up, but it also creates a wider base for you heel so you don't puncture the grass with every step you take.

outdoor wedding shoes tips

tips outdoor wedding heels

Take this a step further and have a basket full of these for each female guest that may be wearing heels.

Trust me, they'll be so thankful!

If you want to forgo the heel protectors, but still want that few extra inches in height, wear wedges.

They are not only comfortable, but much less likely to sink into the grass.

Every wedding I've ever attended, at least one person (usually many) removed their shoes by the end of the night.

Have a basket of flip flops at the ready, so your guests can kick off their heels and enjoy the rest of the party!


Be sure to notify your guests that you will have your ceremony or reception outdoors if it isn't apparent.

Most guests would appreciate the heads up, so they know what footwear and outerwear to bring.

2. Outerwear

If you're a guest at an outdoor wedding, bring a jacket or a sweater!

Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.

If you are hosting the wedding, provide shawls or pashminas for anyone that is feeling chilly at night.


Even if the wedding is in a warm climate and you aren't planning to rent heaters, it can still get a bit chilly out in the evening.

3. Protection from the Sun and other Elements

Skin Protection

Be sure to bring a bottle of sunscreen with you to the wedding, or apply it before you arrive.

It isn't guaranteed that you will be in the shade, and a sunburn will certainly put a damper on your mood.

These personalized bottles from The Knot's Wedding Shop are a great favor!


Are you prone to bug bites?

Bring insect repellent spray or wipes to the wedding.


The Knot


I'd also recommend wearing a nice sun hat and sunglasses to keep out the sun.

Sorry guys, no baseball caps allowed.

Fedoras, newsboy caps, etc. are always classics.

If you're attending a southern or rustic wedding, cowboy hats are appropriate.

While extremely interesting to look at, the hats seen at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, are simply not practical for keeping the sunlight out of your eyes.


Photo: PacificCoastNews

Accessories to help beat the heat

If the wedding falls on a very hot day, provide fans (which can double as your wedding program) and parasols the shield from the sun.



Green Wedding Shoes/Katie Day Photo


Does the forecast predict rain on your wedding weekend?

Here is a great list of how to plan for rain on your wedding day.


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Have any outdoor wedding tips to share?