Private Estates for Rent in Nevada

Getting off the beaten path is a lifelong goal for some travelers.

For these intrepid tourists, a vacation is not a vacation unless it takes place away from crowds, cities, and resorts.

Of course, enjoying nature in a remote location does not mean that you have to be without the type of luxury that can turn a vacation into the memory of a lifetime.

A rustic setting does not mean you have to live in a tent and eat food cooked over a campfire.

Certain villas and estates, located in quiet, remote corners of the earth, can provide the best of both world's: easy access to nature, untouched scenery and all the amenities that are needed for a comfort-filled (or even luxurious) vacation.

Here are five amazing far-flung, nature-filled destinations that have estates that can provide comfort and luxury in addition to a feeling of remoteness and privacy.

East Africa

Private Estate Rentals in Africa

The African Retreat is a colonial style estate located near Nairobi, Kenya.

The 12 acre estate sits within hundreds of acres of native forest, creating a buffer from the outside world.

If the exotic African forests are not enough, a herd of giraffes also live on-site.

These graceful creatures run freely around the grounds and even approach the main house.

Visitors can view them from the windows of the bedrooms and dining room.

They may even poke their heads in for a bite.

Coastal Maine

Private Estates for Rent in Maine

Maine's scenic Atlantic coastline can have a very remote feel.

The rocky shores, cool Atlantic breezes and forests make for a wonderfully natural setting.

Estates that offer views of the ocean dot the coastline.

Some, such as French's Point Estate, a full service inn and event space, provide a luxurious experience both for vacationers and for those who want to host their special event in a natural setting.

A menu of smaller inns, rental villas and bed-and-breakfasts make it possible to enjoy this remote section of the northeastern US without having to forego any comforts.

The Mojave Desert

Private Estates for Rent in Nevada

The Mojave Desert is one of the most well-known but harshest landscapes in the US.

From the days of the Old West, people have been coming to this arid patch of land in Nevada and California for solitude and adventure.

But why sacrifice comfort and luxury when staying in the desert?

Death Valley's Modern Desert Retreat is located in a remote corner of this super-hot portion of Nevada.

This unique estate provides the comforts of home, while also affording guests amazing views of the stark Mojave landscapes and the mountains in the distance.

This three bedroom, two bathroom estate is not as opulent as some of the others located around the country, but it is hard to beat the amazingly scenic middle-of-nowhere location.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Private Estates for Rent in Taylorsville, California

The Sierra Nevadas stretch across Northern California.

This high-altitude region feature snow-capped peaks, wildlife filled forests, scenic valleys.

For wildlife seekers and outdoor adventurers, this is the West Coast's best playground.

The Sierra Ranch Retreat, in Taylorsville, California, is a classic mountain lodge.

It has a spacious layout and a country ambiance thanks to its log walls and rustic decor.

For vacationing families or people who don't want to sacrifice comfort while on their adventure in the California mountains, the Ranch Retreat is a perfect choice.

Rural Vermont

Private Estates for Rent in Vermont

Vermont is a scenery-lover's paradise.

The fabled Green Mountains of the state have been drawing visitors for hundreds of years.

The lush forests, rolling hills and quaint vibe still seduce tourists to this day.

Amazing inns, include the Fox Chair Mountain Farm, have been providing guests with easy access to the scenery that makes rural Vermont so special for a long time.

These venues also provide a quintessential New England hospitality experience.

Fox Chair has extensive grounds, making it possible for visitors to enjoy the countryside without having to even leave the property.

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