carry on what to pack honeymoon

A long flight can be grueling if you are not prepared with all the essentials you need to get you through it. Here are list of items I never leave home without:

* Snacks- I am a pretty healthy eater as well as a pescetarian so even when meals are served, I usually am not satisfied. I always pack nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios), a few meal bars, and even a “lunchbox” with an ice pack of something that will hold well. I usually will cook up a quinoa dish with lots of veggies and beans to cover all my basis (carbs, veggies, and protein). Quinoa is good cold, warm or hot and taste good with just about anything.

* A travel Backpack- I used to try and shove everything in my large purse and it really is not the ideal travel bag. A backpack is great for the commute to the airport, your hotel and it's just one less thing you have to carry. Once you have your snacks, electronics, and important items, its just too much to lug over your shoulder.

* Fanny Pack- Yes, I have a fanny pack and I love it. It makes grabbing your passport, money, and ticket, quick and convenient.

* Electronics- Fully charged everything!! Chargers, batteries, computer, and tablet will keep you busy during the flight and make time go by faster. Don't forget to download a new book, a couple albums of new music and even a movie. You never know, I have been on long flights and the entertainment system just didn't work in my seat and it was a sold out flight. Not so fun for a 10+ hour flight. Don't wait till you get to the airport, sometimes internet connection is not good and downloading can take longer than expected. A great pair of headphones is also highly recommended.

* Comfort- Socks, a sweater, and a lightweight travel throw. How often do you think airlines wash those blankets?

* Medicine- I highly recommend packing allergy medicine, advil and anything for a stomach bug. You just never know, its best to be prepared. AND of course any prescriptions you need.

* Random must haves- Wet wipes, anti-bacterial gel, kleenex, chapstick, gum and eye drops.

* Toiletries- I always pack my toothbrush, contact case, glasses, face wash and lotion. If I am going to get any sleep on a flight, washing up makes it that much easier.

Where to get some of my favorite travel accessories:

Backpack: Herschel Backpack

Head Phones: Rose Gold Ron Herman Headphones

Fanny Pack- Raiscase

Socks - Free People

Travel Throw- Cashmere travel blanket

Passport Cover- Kate Spade

What is in your Carry on? We want to hear your must have flight essentials........