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Springtime honeymoons can be tricky. There are some wonderfully romantic places to spend your first days as a married couple, but you have to be careful. If you travel too far north too early in the season, you still could run into snow or cold weather that will keep you indoors the whole time. The obvious solution is to head to a tropical beach. However, this is the time of year when hundreds of thousands of college kids take their spring break vacation. You can still find a quiet resort in many beach destinations, but if you are not careful, you could end up in the middle of scrum of overindulging young people. Sure, it might be a great party, but it will hardly be romantic.

If you plan your honeymoon right, however, spring can actually turn out to be the most romantic season. The weather is warming up, but it is not yet overly hot. Flowers are starting to blossom, and, as long as you avoid the traditional spring break hotspots, the tourist crowds are nowhere to be found.

Like any other time of year, it just takes a little bit of thought to find the ideal place for a springtime honeymoon. Here are some of your best options.


Vermont Honeymoon

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If you are aiming for an April or May honeymoon date, Vermont is a great destination choice. The weather will not be tropical at this time of year, but it will be pleasant (think light jacket and jeans weather). The rural scenery and quaint small towns are charming. If you think romantic perfection is defined by a small inn or an historic bed-and-breakfast, then Vermont really is the perfect destination for your springtime honeymoon.

New Mexico

New Mexico Honeymoon

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The historic heart of the Southwest, New Mexico is a haven for art and culture. Like Vermont, it is very naturally beautiful. Unlike the New England states, however, New Mexico is characterized by austere desert and postcard-like mountains. Hotels here range from adobe-style bed and breakfasts to private and stylish guest ranches like the classic Los Poblanos. The summertime desert heat doesn’t hit until later in the year, so the temperature is pleasant during most of the springtime. The historic capital of Santa Fe is filled with art and restaurants, while Taos is a skiers haven. If you honeymoon in early spring you can hit the slopes for a few days before heading down to warmer elevations.


Austin honeymoon hotel

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Like the other destinations on this list, Austin’s springtime weather falls in that not-too-hot-and-not-to-cold sweet spot. While the places we have just mentioned are attractive because of their natural beauty, Austin is a city for culture-lovers. This Texas town is a place of great restaurants and even better music. This is an ideal spot for couples who value something a little different. Unique accommodations like the Hotel Saint Cecilia highlight Austin’s charms. Saint Cecilia is housed in a Victorian-era building and its design is inspired by 1960s and ‘70s icons like Hunter S. Thompson and the Rolling Stones. If you want something unlike anything else for your honeymoon, this is it.


Portobelo resorts

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As we have already pointed our, heading to the Caribbean region can prove tricky during the springtime. One strategy to avoid the crowds and turn up the romance is to find quiet pockets in countries like Panama. This Central American nation generally draws an older crowd, so things will be quieter here in March and April. The rhythms, restaurants and historic style of Panama City will prove alluring for some couples. This is an ideal destination for people who want their honeymoon to have a tinge of the exotic and a dose of cosmopolitan style. Panama also has hidden beach locations like Portobelo Bay. Private resorts in Portobelo can give you the right level of peace and quiet to enjoy your first days or marriage together.

If these destinations don’t sound romantic, then you can peruse our venue pages and search for a romantic inn or private villa where you can enjoy a springtime honeymoon.

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