Napa Valley Spring Event Ideas

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There are rare times when everything comes together to make a perfect combination. Luxury and relaxation, weather and your vacation plans, or when you are planning an important event and everything works just as you have always imagined it in your mind.

One of these "perfect combinations" will take place this April in Napa Valley. Of course, if you are talking about Napa, wine is part of the mix. (Not just "wine," but some of the finest wines produced in the US).

The other parts of the equation, pleasant springtime weather and amazing art. Napa Valley's Arts in April celebrates this classic pairing all month with events at 75 wineries.

Estate Rentals in Napa Valley for Events

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Actually, many area wineries have art on display throughout the year, but Arts in April brings special recognition to these impressive collections. Part of the magic of this celebration is that it is not just focused on one theme.

Winery galleries' displays range from contemporary works to folk art collections to priceless pieces created by America's greatest masters. Visitors can enjoy the visual experience while also appeasing their palette with the Valley's finest craft-made wines.

A number of events are held at individual wineries and there are packages available for people who want to participate in a full Napa experience in between tastings and gallery browsing. Events like concerts, antiques markets and wine classes are also part of the springtime calendar in Napa.

Estates & Event Venues in Napa Valley

Does art and wine sound like a perfect combination?

Not quite...

You also need an ideal place to stay. Somewhere where you can enjoy vineyard views and appreciate the nature of Napa before you head out to partake in the Valley's events. It would be hard to do better than the Saint Helena Vineyard Estate. This six suite estate features beautiful grounds, vaulted ceilings and a sense of timeless class that everyone will value.

IF you are someone who appreciates the beauty of the Valley's landscapes and nature in addition to its wines, then Saint Helena should certainly be at the top of your list.

You can even host your own event. The estate's grounds can accommodate up to 100 people for an art-themed event (or any type of event you would like to host).

Event Ideas in Napa

Perhaps you think that the artistic and natural beauty of Napa in April would be the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Unfortunately, Saint Helena, though perfect for a holiday rental or small event, does not accommodate weddings. The nearby Edgewood Ranch, however, does. This 60 acre estate in an exclusive corner of North Marin County has a wonderful blend of rustic feel and luxury amenities.

As a working ranch, choosing this estate for your special day is an easy decision for horse lovers. But with the beautiful surroundings and endlessly charming atmosphere, Edgewood is an easy choice for anyone seeking the perfect setting for a memorable ceremony and reception.

Napa Valley Event Ideas

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