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Picking the right venue for your family reunion can certainly be a daunting task. There are always questions of centrality and affordability, but above all, the venue needs to fit your family's unique style. Whether you want a luxurious escape or an outdoors adventure, you're bound to find the right venue among these private estates.

For The Family That Loves the Outdoors 

If hiking through acres of Vermont's pristine "Green Mountains" and watching children run through rows of apple trees and blackberry bushes sounds like your type of reunion, Hewitt Hill Farm in Woodstock, Vermont is calling your name. Hewitt Hill Farm is among one of the best locations for a family reunion because it can accommodate up to 28 guests in its stunning old-fashion home. Plus, it offers great activities to do during the day.

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Planning a "camping style" reunion is difficult when trying to organize stays at National Parks because the parks fill up quickly, access can be incredibly difficult (most parks are hours away from the nearest airport), and weather can be unpredictable. However, Hewitt Hill Farm eliminates all the troubles of staying at a National Park and still offers the experience you are looking for.

Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park is just minutes away from Hewitt Hill Farm. After a day of traversing over covered bridges and finding shade under 400 year old hemlocks in the national park, you can retreat back to the estate for a night around the campfire or conversations under the stars. You can get your outdoor fix during the day and retreat back to luxury in the evening.

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Plus, big family dinners can be made easily in the estate's luxurious chef's kitchen. The kids can bond with cousins over exciting ping pong table games, shuffleboard matches, or even by making splashes in the estate's outdoor pool. This estate is great for entertaining large groups of people because of everything it offers. From national parks to the estate's own lawns and charming ponds, this estate is perfect for a family that appreciates the outdoors!

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For The Tight-Knit Family 

If you have the type of family that rotates the same cook book and celebrates almost every birthday together, an exciting and tropical gathering is great for you. You all know each other well enough that you don't have to play games to avoid awkward conversations so instead of opting for a more formal reunion, going to a relaxing and exotic destination together will keep things interesting and ensure new memories for the books.

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La Villa Esperanza in Cabo San Lucas is the perfect escape for your family. This is a place where you can get away from the carpools and soccer practices and just enjoy the company of your loved ones. Located in the prestigious gated community of Pedregal, you can be sure that your stay will be secure, safe, and nothing less than Five-Stars. You and your family can enjoy your own private pool with an ocean view and savor meals created by the estate's private chef.

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The best part about La Villa Esperanza is that it includes a "package deal". Not only does the package option make things much more economical, planning your reunion is also that much easier! Instead of haggling over prices or incidentally footing the entire bill yourself, the package price presents a simple way to divide the expenses among family members.

The package includes accommodations for 14 people for four nights. As soon as you step off the airplane, everything will be taken care of as airport transportation will take you and your family to the Villa.  At your private ocean view Villa you will find onsite massage services, a fully stocked bar, and your very own private chef.

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This package offers the best of both words: an all inclusive package and the freedom of your own Villa. Enjoying the comforts of home has never been so luxurious at La Villa Esperanza.

For The Mature Family 

If you just attended the college graduation of the "baby" of the family, perhaps your family is "mature". You all need a place to kick-back, unwind, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life because, I get it, a rowdy game of charades wouldn't last a minute with your folks.

The Tuscan Del Mar Estate, tucked away in the countryside of Southern California, provides your family the type of reunion they need and want. Not only is the estate absolutely gorgeous, it is also in close proximity to beaches, tourist attractions, and private horseback tours. But you might not ever want to leave the estate. The 6,000 square foot property lined with two acres of manicured lawns is ideal for strolling through gardens under the California sun or chatting in the cool dusk while admiring valley views.

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Because it might be difficult for your family to take an entire weekend off from their daily lives, a nice dinner event is a great option for your family reunion. After the dinner some can even choose to continue enjoying the estate and spend the night in it's inviting 1,200 square foot cottage.

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