Pinterest Dream Wedding

Whether you're looking for inspiration or you need a place to organize all the ideas that are floating around your head, Pinterest is the perfect wedding planning tool.

You can collect and share anything you come across on the internet, helping you get inspired for your big day and organize your thoughts in a way that makes wedding planning much more manageable. It's the equivalent of tearing out the pages of your favorite wedding magazines and sticking them all in a gigantic folder, except it's virtual!

What's more, each pin is linked to the place where you can purchase whatever you've had your eye on, learn how to DIY, and become informed about all the latest trends. Your friends and family can also get on board and leave comments and feedback to make the whole process more interactive.

The site is literally cram packed with all things wedding, from out of this world venues and mouthwatering menus to drop dead gorgeous wedding gowns and beautiful decor.

To ensure you get the most out of Pinterest for your wedding planning follow our simple yet effective tips:

Join Already

First things first you need a Pinterest account. Believe it or not there used to be a waiting list to join (talk about exclusivity) but these days you can start pinning with the click of a button by linking your new Pinterest account with your Facebook. Don't have Facebook or would prefer to keep them separate? No problem, add your email and away you go. If you're already signed up then you're one step ahead of the game - go you!

Pinterest Wedding Planning

Follow The Experts

If you want to keep up to date on all the latest styles and trends then you need to start following the experts. All the major players in the wedding industry have a Pinterest where they feature tons of beautiful and creative ideas.

Some of the top Pinterest accounts to follow for wedding inspiration include:

Estate Weddings and Events

Style Me Pretty

The Knot

Martha Stewart Weddings

Pinterest Style me Pretty

Organize Your Boards

We recommend creating various boards based on the different planning sections. Organizing your boards based on category makes it much easier to keep track of your ideas and narrow down your preferences. If you've got something that doesn't quite fit in just one category then fear not, as the same picture can be pinned to multiple boards.

Here are some category ideas to get you started:

- Invitations

- Wedding Dresses

- Bridal Accesories

- Hair Styles

- Makeup

- Flowers

- Bridesmaids

- Groomsmen

- Wedding Cakes

- Centerpieces

- Favors

- Wedding Photography

Pinterest Dream Wedding

Use Secret Boards

Secret boards are only visible to you (and anyone you invite) and are perfect for brides that want to collect ideas on something they are not ready to share yet, like photos of your actual gown or a surprise for your bridesmaids.

Pinterest Secret Boards

Take Advantage of the Pin It Button

If you're not using the Pin It button then you're not making the most of Pinterest! It's super easy to add the button to your Google Chrome browser. Just head on over to the Goodies section of Pinterest and scroll down until you see the 'Install Now' button. Once installed, the Pin It button lets you easily pin any image you find on websites and blogs and add it to one of your own pinboards.

Pin it

Engage and Encourage 

If you're interested in hearing insights and opinions from others then there is no better way to get than by simply asking. When you post a new pin that you would like feedback on include a question and invite people to interact with you and tell you what they think. Opening your boards up for discussion helps to make the wedding planning process more interactive and you're sure to spark new ideas and relationships that could prove useful on your big day.

Estate Weddings and Events Pinterest

Be Realistic

It's easy to get carried away with Pinterest and something that almost all pinners are guilty of, but do your best to keep the dreaming to a minimum or you'll end up depressing yourself over things that you'll likely never be able to afford or have the time to achieve in real life. Yes the point of Pinterest is to inspire, however try to stick to pinning things that are a realistic fit with your budget and timescale.

Estate Weddings and Events Pinterest

Download The App

Rather than frantically trying to stuff your handbag with printouts before heading to the shops to look for wedding dresses and decor, download the app so your pinboards can be accessed on the go. Whether you've got an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, tablet or Kindle, Pinterest is available and at your service so it is never far from reach when you need it most.

Estate Weddings and Events Pinterest

Share With Your Vendors

If you've got a wedding planner then share your boards with her, as well as any of your other vendors that also jive with Pinterest. The more visuals you provide them with, the less confusion they will have over the look and feel you're going for. Put it this way, you don't want to end up walking down the aisle with a bouquet you hate on your wedding day because the term 'rustic elegance' was just way other your florists head!

Estate Weddings and Events Pinterest

Your Turn

Are you planning on using Pinterest to help you with the wedding planning process?