How to Plan Your Fall Wedding Menu

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Do you know when the first day of fall is?

It's September 22, only a few short weeks away. Which means as a fall bride, you're down to the final few big decisions before your wedding day arrives.

One of those decisions is what your fall wedding menu should look like at your reception.

This isn't an easy task, especially for a foodie couple who wants to have it all, and with your autumn nuptials coming up fast you'll need to start making some choices. Fortunately, with proper knowledge you can move forward more quickly with this.

When you're starting to plan your fall wedding menu, here are some ideas to make it the best possible:

Consider the Source

Before you finalize your menu selections, make sure you look into where all the food's coming from.

If you forgot to ask your catering company where it gets its ingredients, now's the time to ask. You'll want to make sure everything they source is quality, fresh, and safe, especially if you know you'll be having guests with allergies at your wedding.

And it's even better if your caterer sources ingredients from local farmers and producers. This will give your wedding meal a great flavor you or your guests won't soon forget.

Consider the Source

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Start with a Bang

Most brides (and guests) are used to starting the meal with a salad. While you can definitely do this for your fall wedding menu, consider something new, like soup.

Soup's one of the best selections for a starter at your reception because there are so many hearty, autumn-inspired options. Squash and pumpkin soups are plentiful during the fall, as well as recipes that include the seasonal favorite apples.

Serve your soup in carved-out pumpkins, or as smaller appetizers along with other options guests can choose from.

Your caterer likely has soup selections available, so check in with them and pick one that's sure to delight your guests right from the start.

Start with a Bang

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Follow with Some Pizzazz

You can stick with traditional options for your main meal, like filet, chicken breasts, or even fish.

But your fall wedding menu will look even more unique if you select something else for your main course. Consider offering lamb if you'd like a different twist on red meat, or even an individual Cornish hen for each guest, prepared to perfection.

Alternatively, you can go for something more "homestyle" like a chicken pot pie stuffed to the brim with meat, gravy, and vegetables. Lasagna is another good option.

The benefit of these last two ideas is that you can remove the meat and make them vegetarian, or make them completely vegan if needed.

Follow with Some Pizzazz

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End with the Sweeties

For some couples and guests, dessert may be the best part of the entire meal.

Providing any sweet that involves apples is a perfect fall wedding menu addition. Consider serving mini apple pies, apple cobbler, or candy apples. Better yet, allow your guests to create their own treat with a selection of nuts and candy they can roll their caramel-coated apples in.

If you find apple desserts too "typical" for the season, go with selections that still pull on autumn inspiration. Go with succulent pair recipes, and include flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Chocolate is also an easy win for almost everyone! You can do a hot chocolate bar for maximum chocolate impact.

End with the Sweeties

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Your Turn...

For the foodie couple, planning your menu is one of the best parts of the entire wedding process.

You can make the meal at your fall wedding amazing once you've looked at all your options and picked what's right for you. Even if you can't have it all, what you do pick will still taste delicious.