Plan the Perfect Ranch Wedding

With their beautiful scenery, natural charm, and privacy, private ranches are an ideal location for events. With ranch venue locations covering the country, whether you are planning a destination wedding or looking for a wedding venue close to home, there is definitely a ranch location that will fit your vision to perfection.

When planning a ranch wedding, there are many factors to take into consideration in order to make your big day both inspired and successful.  We've compiled some great tips to assist and guide you through the process of planning a ranch wedding.

Draw Inspiration from the Ranch

When looking for inspiration for your wedding details and theme, draw inspiration from the Ranch itself. Take  in the architecture of the ranch house, the natural surroundings, and the flowers that will be blooming at the time of year of your wedding. By choosing your ranch wedding location first, it will allow you to make sure that all of the details of your wedding coordinate perfectly with your surroundings.

For the Holman Ranch (pictured above), imagine incorporating yellow as one of your wedding colors and strands of market lighting hanging from the towering oak trees. By drawing inspiration from the ranch, your guests will truly feel though they have experienced a wedding that is both unique and cohesive.

Be Creative with Ranch Elements

Don't be afraid to get creative with ranch elements: by incorporating items found on the ranch, such as found wood, crates, or even tractors, your wedding will become fun and original. Use a tractor to make your grand entrance, start a campfire for S'mores, or have your guests sit on barrels of hay (covered in a fun fabric) for ceremony seating. Be sure to ask the property owner if there are any unique items that are available for use-- you never know what they may find!

Fun & Functional Footwear

Given that you and your guests will undoubtedly be walking on grass, dirt, or another natural surface, opt for fun and functional footwear. Wearing cowboy boots, fun flats, or wedges will not only allow you to enjoy exploring the property, but will also add to the charm of your ranch wedding. Also, be sure to let your guests know that your wedding is in a natural setting; after all, four-inch stilettos and dirt don't mix.