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If you are having a winter wedding, your first thought is probably that you will take your honeymoon somewhere tropical. Yes, there might be something romantic about having your wedding over the holiday season while the snow falls outside your venue. But most people don't plan to stay in the snow once they have said their "I do."

There are some very logical reasons why you should consider a wintertime honeymoon. This kind of vacation can be magical provided you choose the right destination. If you want to take a winter vacation, you should consider places that allow you to make the most out of the season. New England and Colorado come to mind right away.

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Here are some tips for planning a winter honeymoon in Colorado.

Colorado is skiers heaven. There is no better place to hit the slopes in the US. As we will show you shortly, this is not the only reason to head to the Rockies for your honeymoon. That said, you may want to take advantage of the slopes here, even if you have never been on skis before. You can stay near a ski resort, but you don't have to stay in a ski-in ski-out condo right on the side of the slopes. In fact, that is not a good option at all. Honeymoons are supposed to be about privacy and peace and quiet. You don't want skiers swooshing by 10 feet from your front door.

image via pravin.premkumar

image via pravin.premkumar

The best option is to stay in a ranch that offers access to ski areas. Many Colorado ranches, like the Home Ranch, are within striking distance of ski resorts, but they offer a lot more privacy and have plenty of other options besides skiing. Located near Steamboat Springs, Home Ranch offers access to ski slopes, and it has private cabins where you can enjoy a cozy and luxuriously rustic setting. The Ranch has horseback riding, sleigh rides and casual holiday parties that can make for a complete honeymoon experience.

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The Home Ranch also has an award-winning restaurant. This is important. You will often have the option of self-catering in your Colorado cabin, but you don't want to be limited to cooking for yourself and bringing your own supply of wine and cocktail makings. Home Ranch's restaurant has been featured in foodie magazines like Bon Appetit, so the quality is definitely there.

Home Ranch Colorado Cabins

Another thing to look out for when planning your winter honeymoon in Colorado is a good spa. Dunton Hot Springs is another example of  a honeymoon-worthy ranch in Colorado. It has private cabins and great food services, but also a spa and hot springs pools that are fed by a natural geothermal spring. You can soak on your own or have a spa treatment in between ski sessions.

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Another positive at Dunton: the wealth of wintertime activities. You can ski or take a backcountry expedition. But you can also explore the area on horseback or on a sleigh ride. Dunton also has cross country skis and dog sleds, so you have more than a couple of options for outdoor excursions.

Just to recap: If you are looking for somewhere to have a winter honeymoon in Colorado, you should look for:

1. A venue that has private cabins that are both luxurious and cozy.

2. A place that has a good restaurant and a good spa.

3. A ranch that offers a variety of activities beyond alpine skiing.

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