Playa Vik in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay Review

We arrived into Punta Del Este on Friday of Easter weekend. We rented a car and headed out on the hour-long drive from the airport to Jose Ignacio. The drive through Uruguay is quite beautiful, more scenic than I had expected; full of farmland, estancias, and open fields. The highway was pretty empty and the drive was very easy. We made it to Jose Ignacio without missing a turn or getting lost at all.

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We pulled into Jose Ignacio in the mid afternoon and the streets were busy with tourists. It was the final weekend before the season ended and everything would close that following week. At first, Jose Ignacio reminded me a lot of Tulum, Mexico with its stylish boutiques, beautiful people, and outdoor restaurants. Unfortunately, we had rain on the schedule so we made our way to Playa Vik so we could get checked in before the rain started.

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Playa Vik is located right in town and at first glance from the road it looks like a private residence. Once we entered through the gates we were in awe of the architectural masterpiece that is Playa Vik. Playa Vik is made up of 18 suites and a large communal space equipped with a kitchen, living room, family room, and the most photogenic infinity pool. In addition, there is also a gym, sauna, breakfast room, and game room on property available for use.

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We were greeted upon arrival and received assistance with our bags and were taken immediately to our room. Each room has a completely different design and all feature art from Norway, which is where the owners are from. One of their signature design elements in all of the Vik properties is their bathtubs. Every room has a different tub and we were able to tour a few different rooms in all three of their properties and all of the tubs are a piece of art. Ours happened to be made of wood. I had never soaked in a wood tub so I was excited to give it a try at some point during our stay. Our room included a seating area with a fireplace, our bedroom with a private patio, and our bathroom including our spectacular wood tub.

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We had been traveling all morning and were quite hungry so after we got settled in we headed to the outdoor dining area where they were serving lunch. Playa Vik includes breakfast for all of its guests and lunch and dinner are served daily with a pre-set menu that changes daily. Lunch can be purchased for $65.00 per person, and dinner can be purchased for $75.00 per person.

We had just spent a week in Argentina and being two pescetarians, we had a challenge eating in meat country. We were thrilled to see the menu that was offered the day of our arrival which included a grilled peach salad, grilled vegetables, salmon, and prawn paella. Everything was delicious and the setting was beautiful.

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We decided to head into town before the rain started since it was scheduled to downpour for the next few days we were there. We walked around the main square of Jose Ignacio and checked out some of the boutiques and shops and scope out all the hot spots to check out during our short stay.

The sun was already setting so we headed back to get ready for dinner and relax for a bit. The team at Playa Vik had offered to make dinner reservations for us but unfortunately, the earliest reservation they could get us was 10:45pm at La Huella. If you're like us, dinner at 10:45pm sounded crazy so we decided to pass and push our luck and try and get there right when they open at 8:30pm and try and grab a seat at the bar. Fortunately, this was a great idea and we were seated right away at their bar on the second floor. We ordered grilled octopus, a flatbread pizza, and a salad. Everything was excellent.

Image via La Huella

Image via La Huella

We typically choose to dine at the bar at restaurants so we were very pleased, but if you prefer a table then we highly recommend making reservations a few days in advance anywhere in Jose Ignacio. We did not know this until we had arrived and we were unable to get a reservation at any restaurant for any of the nights we were there. Luckily arriving early and grabbing seats at the bar worked for us the following night as well, even though Playa Vik insisted it was not a possibility. So make sure to have Playa Vik make your reservations before you arrive into Jose Ignacio so you don't have to stress about dinner plans.

After dinner, we strolled the streets, grabbed some gelato and headed back to the hotel for an early night.

The next day was filled with rain and windy weather so we decided to have a leisurely relaxing day at Playa Vik. We had breakfast which included an array of fresh fruit, granola and dry cereals, yogurt, pastries, and cold cuts. Eggs were also available to order.

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After breakfast, we took advantage of the gym and sauna with really no rush to go anywhere, which was a nice change of pace from our crazy busy week in Argentina.

We went for lunch in town at Almacen El Palmer, a cozy cottage style cafe, perfect for a rainy day. We had ceviche and fish stew. A light and delicious lunch.

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We wanted to check out the other 2 Vik properties, Bahia Vik, and Estancia Vik so during the quick break in the rain, we were taken to the other properties for a quick tour. Bahia Vik is also located on the water just outside of town. It's a larger hotel and from our perspective, geared more toward families, whereas Playa Vik has more of a honeymoon or romantic getaway vibe. After our quick stop at Bahia Vik, we hopped in the car and headed 10 minutes inland or so to Estancia Vik. I immediately fell in love with the Estancia and was trying to come up with some excuse to come back to host an event this unique space. Estancia is ideal for large groups and can be rented for exclusive use. You can take advantage of having your own chef and stay on property the entire duration of your stay, ride horses, and relax in one of the many rooms in the Estancia. There are quite a few event spaces including the indoor bbq space, the pool deck, courtyard, gardens, and more. The possibilities are endless.






After our tour, we headed back to Playa Vik to enjoy a relaxing afternoon. We had our fire lit and got some work done. Unfortunately, the rain got pretty bad and since Playa Vik does not have a generator, we were out of power for a few hours. We eventually took a nap and woke up just in time for dinner. We were unable to get a reservation before 10:45pm once again so we went to Juana Cocina right at 8:00pm and got the only 2 seats at the bar. The power continued to go off and on throughout dinner but since everything is cooked on the fire, the restaurant was able to remain open and serve guests under candle light. Overall everything we had in Uruguay was delicious. It's the perfect destination for seafood lovers like us.

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On our final day, we enjoyed one last breakfast and took advantage of the gym one last time before we got ready to head to the airport and back to Argentina.

Overall we had a wonderful stay at Playa Vik. We did have one hiccup at check out regarding our laundry. In the room, there is a check in sheet, which outlines the included amenities (breakfast, bikes available for service, complimentary bottle of wine in the room) and also listed laundry. Other than lunch and dinner which were noted were an additional fee ($65.00 for lunch per person and $75.00 for dinner per person) no other prices were listed and everything else is included. We had just come from South Africa and the Maldives where our laundry was included everywhere and since the note said “place your laundry in the sack by the door and it will be returned within 24 hours” we thought it was included. This was certainly a big mistake as it was NOT included nor were the prices listed anywhere. There was no price sheet included along with the laundry bag like most hotels offer. Long story short, for a bag of workout clothes, undergarments, and socks, the cost was $200 US dollars, which was more than the cost of buying all new clothes that we just had washed{ouch!}. This was outrageous and certainly a huge learning lesson. In the future, we will absolutely confirm whether or not it's included before having anything washed. We also made a suggestion to the hotel to have a price sheet for future guests to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

Things to Know

  • Playa Vik is ideal for a romantic getaway or to be rented exclusively to host a wedding or event.
  • Guests staying at any of the Vik Retreats may use the facilities at any of the other Vik properties when available. We highly recommend splitting up your stay and staying at Playa Vik for a few days and Estancia Vik the other few days. You will get to have two completely different experiences, and they are just 10 minutes from one another.
  • Playa Vik is located 1.5 hours from Punta Del Este Airport and 2.5 Hours from Montevideo Airport. We recommend flying in and out of Punta Del Este, if possible since the airport is small it's easy to get in and out of with no issues.
  • Breakfast is included, Lunch and Dinner are available for an additional fee ($65 per person for lunch, $75 per person for dinner)
  • Make dinner reservations at restaurants before you arrive at Jose Ignacio, recommended 3-5 days in advance.