Unique Proposal Ideas

As the holiday season kicks off, jewelry stores grow busy with those looking for the ultimate ring. The holidays tend to bring about proposals with Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day all within a short time period. Those doing the proposing often select this time of year for the magic and remembrance that it holds.

As many who have proposed before you will divulge, you can’t just let the holidays create your special moment and magic. Asking someone for their hand in marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly but it also shouldn’t induce a full on panic attack from the proposer.

If you are thinking of popping the question this holiday season or you are hoping your significant other will take a hint, this guide will help ensure that your proposal goes off without a hitch.

Decide on a Time 

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While most proposals are thought out by first considering a setting, an engagement can come at a bad time. Even if you might want to surprise your significant other at a time when they least expect it, you don’t want to select a time that is stressful for your loved one. For example, my husband picked a random Wednesday to propose. Being self-employed, I had work to do that day and night. While he certainly surprised me and I ended up asking for extensions from clients for that day, it would have been nice to have a completely clear schedule to truly enjoy every moment of the engagement day.

Before you start planning your proposal location, you need to work around the clock. You should gauge when your significant other is free from work obligations and any other stresses that might get in the way of your celebrating. While weekend nights might be more predictable, they are also more convenient for truly enjoying the proposal.

Don’t Just Set Your Sights on the Holidays

Many proposals occur on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. However, you shouldn’t feel restricted to these dates. It will be a bigger surprise if you plan a proposal on a day outside of the normal holidays. It also might prove less stressful when you don’t have to propose and figure out the holidays at the same time.

Keep It A Surprise


Unique Proposal Ideas

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Whenever I see proposal stories where both parities of the newly engaged couple knew the proposal was going to take place, a little bit of the magic of the moment seems to die. In a world of Pinterest, it shouldn’t be too difficult to select a ring for your significant other without bringing them to the jewelry store to pick it out. Even if you have shopped for rings before, the proposer will have a truly memorable engagement if they keep the time and location a surprise.

In my case, I had no clue a proposal was coming until my now husband started acting extra nervous. He nearly slammed my hand in a car door, started getting dressed up for no reason and he could barely keep a conversation going at dinner. I knew something was up but not until that moment did I know for sure. As it was such a surprise, it made our proposal all the more special. If you have to let the cat out of the bag, make sure you only tell a few people and know that they can keep their mouths’ shut.

Select a Grand Setting

Once you have ironed out the details of the time of your proposal and how you will keep it a surprise, you can begin searching for the perfect location. You don’t have to say much if you let your location speak for you. From natural settings to an elegant mansion, you should do your research on the exact spot you want to pop the question.

In the case of my engagement, my now husband proposed in a historic hotel’s grand ballroom. He reached out to the hotel for help in carrying out this private and grand proposal perch. If you are thinking of proposing in a certain spot, you should reach out to the properties involved and see what kind of help they can offer you too. They could help you make your grand setting all the more majestic and special.

Don’t Sweat It

In my husband’s case, I later found out just how nervous he was when his proposal plan didn’t go exactly according to plan. Because he had organized the event with the hotel, the reception staff was in on the surprise. As a result, we showed up to a beaming staff that seemed to be going above and beyond what they normally would do for guests. He was so annoyed that they seemed to give it away, but in the long run, it just made the story more enriching. Also as we finished dinner early, his time for the grand proposal was pushed up on the schedule. If you are going to propose, don’t worry if your plan doesn’t go according to plan.

Avoid The Clichés

Proposal Ideas

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Proposals can border on the lines of being cute or cliché. Hiding the ring in your girlfriend’s dessert might not be the best of ideas anymore. Proposers should remember to keep the popping of the question sincere and unique to their loved one. If your significant other can’t stand public displays of affection, it might not be the brightest idea to propose on the Jumbotron of a baseball game. While the clichés can crowd the mind, you shouldn’t feel like you need to promote them as well. The important thing is to keep the proposal personal and fitting for your relationship and not a direct image of everyone else’s love story.

Your Turn…

Married couples, how did your proposal go? Do you have any regrets or tips to share for a smoother popping of the question?