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Bachelor and bachelorette parties are part of the wedding tradition. For would-be newlyweds, these events are like a "right of passage;" they are something that you almost have to do before you tie the knot. Some people get creative with these pre-wedding celebrations, but almost everyone who is having a traditional wedding has some sort of bachelor/bachelorette event.

There are no rules that say that a bachelor party has to only last one night or a bachelorette party has to include a bar crawl or a ride on a party bus. A non-traditional option could be to take your friends on a vacation for an entire weekend... or even longer. Pre-wedding vacations are a way to create lasting memories and to kick off the whole wedding experience with an event that will be both memorable and enjoyable.

Here are some of the themes that you could consider for your non-traditional pre-wedding vacation.


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One of the most-obivous choices for a destination for your pre-wedding vacation is the beach. You could opt for a cool beachside resort like Long Island's Surf Lodge. Located right next to the sand, this hip New York vacation spot is a great summertime bachelor or bachelorette venue. In addition to its namesake sport, there is a concert series during the summer.

Obviously, these kinds of venues work best for a summertime pre-wedding vacation. You can have a beach bachelorette vacation in the winter too, but you have to be willing to travel further. For example, December is the height of summer in Southern Hemisphere destinations like Brazil.


Luxury winery vacation Santa Ynez Valley

A wine-themed vacation is ideal for bachelors and bachelorettes who want their pre-wedding trip to have a bit more class than the norm. Heading to places like Napa or Sonoma can prove ideal. This is because you can spend a week exploring the whole area and not be tied to a single winery.

Of course, some wineries that have overnight accommodations can be the perfect base. There will provide plenty of flexibility - you can stay in and enjoy a tasting and a meal at your winery/hotel, or you can head out on the vineyard trail to seek out some different experiences.


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Perhaps the "Big City" seems like the perfect place to spend a weekend with your buddies or your gals before you tie the knot. You can head to the nearest metropolis that has a decent nightlife and entertainment scene, or you can stay in your home city and rent a villa that can give you a vacation-like weekend. A rental villa will allow all your friends to stay in one place during the festivities. It will give you a spot to hang out, converse and enjoy some down time before you head out for a night (or two) of revelry.

Some urban villa can be quite attractive. If you can find a place like this, you may even be tempted to stay in and have at least one low-key evening during your pre-wedding vacation.


Villa Rentals in Greece

Going abroad can be a more expensive option, but if you can afford it, it is certainly an attractive possibility. Bali is the perfect choice for an international flavored pre-wedding experience. The Indonesian isle has beautiful beaches, surfing and other water sports, spas, nightlife galore and one of the world's most colorful and exotic cultures. A pre-wedding trip here would pretty much be the ultimate for both you and your friends.

For a European holiday, Greece is an affordable and exciting destination. The Greek Islands are filled with reasonably-priced rental villas. You and your friends can spend a week swimming in your own private pool or lounging on the adjacent patio. Islands like Zakynthos and Kos are filled with nightlife options that draw tourists from all over the world.



The above pre-wedding vacations all involve a fair bit of fun and plenty of partying. But there is another option for a pre-wedding bachelor or bachelorette celebration that might be worth thinking about. Weddings are a tremendously busy time. Many people find that they are going at a "full sprint" for the week or two before their actual wedding day. Even if you have help planning, the final preparations can be stressful.

There is no rule that says bachelor and bachelorette experiences can't be characterized by peace and quiet. Why not spend a few days in the middle of the Nevada desert, for example, collecting your thoughts and resting before the wedding sprint begins? This is certainly an option, and it will definitely put you in the right mindset to brush aside the wedding stresses so that you can actually enjoy the celebration.

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