Rainy Day Wedding Tips

So you're getting married...and soon.

As you're wedding date is getting closer, the weather is looking more and more ominous.

An outdoor wedding is subject to natural elements like rain, wind, mud, etc.

So what happens if it rains on your wedding day?

While you can't prevent mother nature from causing these "disasters," you can be prepared and ready for anything she may throw at you!

In this week's video, you'll learn the importance of leaving extra money in your wedding budget for a tent.

Tenting can cost thousands of dollars, and might need to be installed days ahead of time if the rain starts a few days before your wedding.

If you don't install the tent before the rain comes, the grass may be muddy and you may need to add flooring, which would be another added cost.

Tents are not cheap, and if it looks like rain is in the forcast on your wedding day, don't think that you're the only one trying to rent one for the same day!

Costs may increase on high demand days, and you may have to pay more for extra installation/clean up days at your venue as well.

 Your Turn...

Did you have a rainy wedding day? What did you do to keep your guests comfortable and happy? We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!