Villa Rentals

When searching for an event location that will perfectly suit your vision, there are many factors to take into consideration beyond the aesthetics of the event space. Selecting a private estate or luxury villa for your event or getaway offers many rewards. We have included some of the top reasons why you should opt for a villa or estate for your next celebration.

Villa Captiva rental destination wedding

No Food & Beverage Minimums for Events

Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner for 15 close friends or an elaborate wedding for 300, food and beverage minimums at hotels, resorts, and even restaurants have the ability to consume your budget extremely quickly. By selecting a private property for your getaway or estate wedding, you have the flexibility to determine your own budget for food and beverage. Some may be concerned that outside of a hotel or resort, you will lose the services that make an event or vacation relaxing and luxurious, but with all of the concierge services currently available, you can still feel like you are on vacation. Private chefs, maid services, and transportation services can all be arranged for any villa or estate.

Complete Privacy

There may be nothing worse than tacky tourists lingering around your event, or event worse, showing up uninvited. Private Estates and Villas offer complete privacy to you and your guests, allowing you to relax, enjoy the scenery, and most importantly, allow your event or stay to be all about you.

Escape the "box" of Hotel Ballrooms

Although hotel or resort events may be convenient for most, when it comes to creating a unique event, private estates and villas definitely have the advantage. To transform a standard ballroom, thousands of dollars are spend on specialty lighting, fabric draping, and other specialty decor. With a private property, there is no need to cover up the existing spaces, only enhance what is already present, so in the end, you end up spending substantially less to create a original event space.