Reasons Why Private Estates Are the Best Venues

1. It's a familiar concept with uncommon luxury. 

Let's face it, the grass always seems greener on the other side. Perhaps this is why companies like AirBnb or HomeAway are well, literally seeing green. They offer folks the experience of staying in a desirable neighborhood or just a less expensive hotel-alternative for a week or even a couple days. Estate Weddings and Events does too, but just on a whole different level.

Our estates aren't places to crash during a business trip but are experiences in and of themselves. The estates are carefully curated and set to incredibly high standards. This is probably why most of our estates are in neighborhoods of rockstars and celebs. At our estates, the grass does in fact seem to be greener.

Crown of Beverly Hills

Crown of Beverly Hills

2. We welcome events, weddings, parties, reunions, name it! 

As opposed to prohibiting parties and gatherings, we welcome them. Better yet, event planners will help you turn an idea into an impressive event and make sure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy the party.

Courtesy of True Photography

Courtesy of True Photography

3. Personalized Service

When you think of renting a private home, you probably think you are cooking your own meals, doing the laundry and really its a home away from home. But, many of our private estate venues come with a full turn key staff including private chefs, bartenders, drivers, and onsite concierge service to assist with planning all your adventures while on your vacation.

21The Serai, Jaisalmer by SUJAN Staff

What a Luxury Vacation at Azura Benguerra Looks Like by Bree Brouwer for Estate Weddings and Events

Photo from Azura Benguerra Island

4. Private chefs and best-in-class catering. 

Since when did dishes become a part of vacationing? Most of our estates with overnight accommodations feature private chefs so you can worry about other things while on vacation, like getting a great tan.

The Retreat Africa Safari Camp

5. There isn't as much red tape.

Rules are inevitable; however, how many rules is what matters. We've found hotels and country clubs to often hand clients an entire deck of rules and restrictions before planning of the event has even started. When it comes to private estates, you're dealing with people, not pamphlets or rule books. So, while protecting our estates is of our upmost importance, we'll never stress you out with lists of restrictions and fine print.

Pippin Hill Farm, Virginia

Pippin Hill Farm, Virginia

6. Ultimate privacy. 

Strangers and wandering hotel guests during a wedding, reunion, or luxurious event just don't mix well. At a private estate you won't have another wedding a couple ballrooms over and will never have to compete for lawn chairs in the sun. Estates offer ultimate privacy when the day is done and assistance whenever it is needed.

Azura Benguerra Beach at dusk

7. We offer specially tailored getaways and experiences

Want to honeymoon in Mexican wine country? Or are you planning a special ladies weekend of relaxation? We've got you covered. Our "packages" offer everything you need to make your weekend trips and events seamless. From airport transportation, private chefs, pre-stocked bars, and planned excursions, these packages and specials make for unbeatable experiences.


8. Photo shoots are easy. 

Instead of renting an overpriced studio or dealing with unforeseeable issues when shooting in public, renting a private estate for shoots is easy. Not only are estates very versatile (pools, ponds, fields, vineyards, etc.) you also have the ultimate privacy and attention needed to nail the shot.

SongSaa Image courtesy of Conde Nast. Photo by Scott A. Woodward.

9. More vendor options. 

From Make-Your-Own Mimosa Bars to fun lawn games, estates can accommodate a wide variety of vendors. Because most estate events are outdoors you can also rent elaborate tents that would otherwise be prohibited at other venues.

Hewitt Hill Farm, Vermont

Hewitt Hill Farm, Vermont

10. You are never limited. 

We have estates in the mountains of Vermont, coasts of Greece, jungles of Costa Rica, and shores of California. Deciding where to have your event, wedding, or luxury vacation is never limited.

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Your turn... 

What are some of your favorite things about estate venues? We're also open to hearing any skepticisms you may have...let's chat about it!