3 Reasons You Should Choose a Fall Wedding

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When you're picking a date for your wedding, you always have a lot to consider, like when your friends and family will be on vacation, or when you can get time off from work long enough for your wedding and honeymoon..

But there's no reason you shouldn't consider a fall wedding before all others.

A fall wedding provides lots of benefits that couples sometimes forget about. It's easy to envision the gorgeous backdrops with the changing of the leaves (which varies in color and intensity depending on the state you live in, of course), but it's not so easy to think about the more practical benefits you'll get with a fall wedding.

This post will help you understand the value of picking a date in the autumn. Once you know, you'll likely be joining the ranks of couples who realized that a fall wedding was perfect for them all along.

Here are three practical reasons why you should consider having a fall wedding:

1. You avoid the extreme temperatures.

When you want to avoid stress that's related to something you can't control (the weather), a fall wedding is a solid option.

Most autumn weather is easy to deal with, even if it does get a little nippy sometimes. Yes, early blizzards do happen during the fall, so it's best to pick an earlier date if possible, but this is a completely different beast from the worries surrounding the heat of a summer wedding, or the freezing temperatures in the winter. Even spring weddings run the risk of having a rainfall or tornado every now and then.

So besides surprise snow, all you'll really have to deal with during a fall wedding is keeping warm. Warn your guests of weather ahead of time, and just make sure to order enough heat lamps if you're having your event outdoors.

You could even get a wonderful fall backdrop by holding your wedding in a lavish estate venue and putting a fire pit on the back patio or yard for guests to warm up around!

You avoid the extreme temperatures.

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2. You can likely hold it for cheaper.

Sure, picking a date that doesn't interfere with Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other holidays can be tricky, but that usually means you'll get better deals.

Peak wedding season is still summer, so picking a fall wedding date means you avoid the higher costs that came before. Many vendors lower their fees starting in the autumn, so there's lots of incentive there if you're a couple looking to save some money on your big event.

Certain items, like flowers, won't be available as easily during this season, so you can keep your costs even lower by using in-season products or by having a DIY wedding (which fits into the fall/harvest idea very well).

Additionally, travel is usually cheaper during the fall. Airlines tend to charge higher rates during the summer because they know lots of people are traveling for vacation during that time. You can avoid those fees by having a fall wedding!

Any flights your guests need to book will be a lower price; likewise, you'll be able to save money on your own honeymoon travels.

You can likely hold it for cheaper.

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3. You can avoid the busyness of the summer.

Be honest with yourself: how many other weddings, parties, and vacations are you going to have to deal with during the upcoming summer?

If you know you're going to be busy (or people important to you are), it's best to pick a fall wedding date. The problem with many summer weddings is that they start to pile up on each other, and you, your friends, or your relatives may all be too tied up in attending these other events than preparing for your own.

Since summer is the time for vacations, you can't know who is going to be on vacation when, either, unless you do a lot of asking around. If you pick a fall date and let your guests know with some great save-the-dates far ahead of time, they may be more able to make it.

And of course, you also avoid the busyness of other brides and wedding vendors. There's less chance of your favorite venue already being booked, or your florist making a mistake and mixing up your order with someone else's.

You can avoid the busyness of the summer.

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Your Turn...

There are definitely lots of opinions on what time of year is the best for a wedding. And it's true that most of the seasons provide excellent opportunities for your special day as long as you properly prepare for any snags specific to those months.

However, for the couple that doesn't want to follow the "traditional" summer wedding pattern, and doesn't mind dealing with a little bit of chill in the air because it could save them some cash, a fall wedding is the perfect solution.

What's your reason for wanting a fall wedding? Share in the comments below.