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Hi EWE-rs!

Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather these days.  Does anyone have any exciting plans for summer in the works?

This week for our Weekend Reads, we've written up four informational blog posts.  To answer the number one question we get asked by homeowners, "How much money can I make renting my estate?" EWE Co-Founder Jamie Ehrsam outlined a thorough breakdown of how that number is determined and if renting your estate, home, or mansion is right for you.

On the other hand, we are continuing to help bride-to-bes with helpful tips- this time with a focus on flowers! Allergy season aside, flowers lend a lot of personality to a wedding.  "Flowered in Expectations" is our post where we speak to florists about seasonal flowers. "10 Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets" is exactly what it sounds like.  Lastly, check out our Honeymoon tips if you are headed off to one soon!

Thanks for reading and we'll catch you all next week! Please leave any questions or comments below and feel free to email us!

Here is what you missed this week...

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-- 10 Non-Floral Wedding Bouquet Alternatives for the Nature-Loving Bride

-- Flowered in Expectations: Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist Before You Hire

-- How Much Does A Tent Wedding Cost?

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