For certain events, a restaurant is the obvious choice when it comes to deciding on a venue: a rehearsal dinner, a birthday party, a holiday happy-hour celebration for your office, an informal family reunion.... Other types of events could also benefit from a restaurant setting, but people don't usually even consider it. Having a wedding ceremony in a restaurant? It might seem like it's out of the question, but is it really?

It depends on the restaurant. The right eatery might turn out to be the ideal venue. What if you could move seamlessly from the wedding ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception without having to travel across the city (and without having to ask your guests to do the same). This is the main reason why people often choose to have a wedding at a large estate with different areas - one for each "phase" of the ceremony and celebration.


Most restaurants lack the multiple settings needed for the different phases, so they are usually left off the list of wedding venue choices. Some restaurants, however, are ideal for all types of special events, including those like a wedding that require a flow between different areas.

Gran Electrica Brooklyn New York Wedding and Event Venue 11

Gran Electrica is one of these restaurant event venues. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, this restaurant serves authentic Mexican food made using quality local ingredients. Thanks to its different dining rooms and a seasonal outdoor courtyard/garden area, it is also a popular restaurant for events. Even if you are not planning on hosting a special celebration in Brooklyn, it is worth learning about Gran Electrica because it is a perfect example of an event restaurant.

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Of course, the main reason that anyone decides to host their celebration at a restaurant is because they like the food. Gran Electrica delivers amazing Mexican cuisine. The food might seem creative, but the menu has its roots firmly in authentic Mexican cooking. You can even find a large number of antojitos, traditional street-food snacks that your guests will absolutely love. Staples like tacos and quesadillas are also on the menu. The difference between the dishes served here and those at most other places is the quality of the ingredients. The menu at Electrica is market-driven, so it is constantly changing depending on what is available locally. The attention to quality is what truly sets this place apart.

And then there are the cocktails. Electrica's beverages will wow your guests. Food is an important part of any festive occasion, but good cocktails are an absolute must, right?

Gran Electrica Brooklyn New York Wedding and Event Venue 8

Whether you are hosting a family reunion or a wedding, the surroundings, the ambiance and the "feel" of the venue are very important. A good wedding planner and decorator can work wonders on any venue, but having the right atmosphere built into the venue can save you a lot of extra work.

Gran Electrica has two dining rooms, a bar and a courtyard. It is possible to rent out the entire venue (in fact, it is necessary if you are hosting an event for more than 32 people). These different spaces allow for the transitions that are a common part of a wedding celebration. Perhaps you could have an intimate ceremony in the courtyard, followed by a cocktail hour at the bar and then a reception meal in the dining rooms (with the option to return to the courtyard for the meal as well).

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And then there is the atmosphere. Electrica is a classic brick building. The courtyard has ivy-covered walls and strings of lights. The interior has classic touches as well, with the brick exposed in some areas and decorations covering the walls in others. There is a kind of laid-back sophistication at this venue that makes it both attractive and accessible.

Of course you don't have to wait until you host a wedding to come here. Gran Electrica can host dinners, brunches, and cocktail events to celebrate any occasion (from a reunion to a birthday to a successful year at the office).

Have you hosted a special event at a restaurant? Use the comments section to share your experience with us.