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Most people love the idea of adventure and romance in a natural setting, but they hate the thought of having to sacrifice comfort in order to experience "real" wilderness. Waking up in a sleeping bag listening to the sounds of nature while laying right next to your significant other sounds great, right? But setting up that tent, fighting off mosquitos or other insects, hiking to the campsite, trying to start a fire, getting caught in a rainstorm... these common camping problems can put a damper on the romance.

Glamping in Australia

This is where the idea of glamping comes in. Glamping, luxury camping, is a newer term, but the idea of staying in a fancy tent is actually quite old. Wealthy people have been camping in luxury for decades (perhaps even centuries). They headed out to the wild parts of the world with an army of guides and camp servants who could take care of everything. These early glampers would stay in huge tents that were furnished with all the comforts of home (a very nice home).

Thanks to the glamping craze, not only has this type of camping become more common, it has become more accessible. You don't have to have a royal title or be the CEO of a major multinational to enjoy luxury in a tent. Anyone can book into one of the following venues and revel in an attractive mixture of comfort and nature.

Safari glamping getaway in Africa

Azura Selous Tanzania Villas

Africa is filled with classic glamping destinations. Tanzania's Azura Selous is the perfect example of a modern luxury safari camp. The lords and ladies of Victorian times, no matter how rich they were, probably did not have a private plunge pool on their deck when they went on safari. Selous is serious about luxury. The surroundings are beautiful and the food service is worthy of a Michelin star.

One thing here that does hearken back to the classic safari experiences: the lack of crowds. The Selous Game Preserve is large, and it sees few visitors. This means that guests won't see many other people during their daily safari drives. The privacy offered at Selous makes it ideal for couples who want to enjoy a little romance along with their safari adventure.

Glamping in the Old West

Ranch at Rock Creek couples glamping

In the US, the Mountain West is the ideal place to experience nature. In Montana, for example, wilderness stretches for miles upon miles. Huge vacation ranches make it possible to see these natural expanses up close. One such place, the Ranch at Rock Creek, allows people a chance to camp right on the range.

The ranch has huge canvas-sided tents located in some of the most scenic and secluded parts of its property. A couple can tuck themselves away in one of these classic accommodations and not see any other guests for their entire stay. Rock Creek's glamping accommodations are very spacious. In addition to a sleeping area, they have a sitting area, a place to dine and a even a fireplace.

A classic camping experience in India

JAWAI Leopard Camp honeymoon

India's rajas were known to take their entourages into the wilds of northern India for safari-like adventures. The Subcontinent's most legendary creatures, tigers and leopards, still roam these undeveloped lands. Today, you can experience a level of style and pampering that was once only reserved for Indian royalty. The JAWAI Leopard Camp sits in Rajasthan's forests. Its tents are placed on private verandas. There are only eight accommodations, so it is never, ever crowded at JAWAI.

The camp still retains many of the over-the-top luxuries that classic safari camps were known for. Meal service is five-star, and the tents are simply massive... more spacious that a penthouse suite in a luxury hotel.

Adventure and romance in the Australian wilderness

Australia luxury honeymoon

Australia's Mary River Flood Plain is teeming with wildlife. The tents at Bamurru Plains put guests right in the middle of it all. This glamping venue features special mesh-sided tent suites that allow people to enjoy 360-degree views while still remaining inside. Each tent is totally secluded, but there is a central lodge with a lounge, library and infinity swimming pool.

Bamurru is not short on adventure. In addition to the endless wilderness, people are treated to glimpses of Australia's most famous animals, including wallabies and crocodiles.

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