Romance is the New Rustic: This Year's Wedding Style

Rustic weddings have captured our hearts for the past couple of years, but this year it's time to switch things up! When planning your wedding, think lush and soft decor to emphasize the exquisite essence of love. How do you achieve this style?

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Instead of opting for the popular chevron stripe, which has been a huge hit a previous weddings, opt for a more feminine pattern. The hard-edge looks of stripes can still be integrated into romantic designs but shouldn't dominate the whole look.  Famous (and fabulous) wedding designer Tara Guerard says trellis-patterns and florals are the way to go!

Wedding Design Ideas

Courtesy of Momental Designs

A great way to personalize and romanticize your wedding is through freehand illustrations and feminine stationary. The best thing about freehand stationary is that is not only offers old-world charm but is also completely customizable. Artists can cater to and recreate your vision on paper! A dainty little invitation or name card is perfect for your romantic wedding. Plus, this type of stationary simply exudes class.

Wedding Style Ideas

Courtesy of Melinda Morris | Lion In the Sun, a paperie boutique in New York

Dainty invitations and trellis-patterns are great ways to capture romantic elegance; however, you don't want to be boring! Bring your wedding into the 21st century with a chic cake that is still elegant, yet cutting edge.

More and more cakes are being dusted with a touch of "fairy dust" on top tiers or are even integrating complete "disco-esque" layers-- there's nothing boring about that! Another one of my favorite romance-inspired cakes includes a classic monogram, pearls, and flowery details. If you want your wedding to be romantic yet chic, the good news is you can have your cake and eat it too!

Romantic Wedding Ideas

Cake by Palermo's Bakery

Rustic Wedding Ideas

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Finally, we must give credit to the flower of the year that has driven our renewed love of romance: the tree peony. This flower is not only beautiful, it is also versatile. Try styling it with sweet roses to complete the romantic look.

Wedding Floral Ideas

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This year, weddings are all about your love for love. You can't go wrong with luxury, and romance-- it sure would make Gatsby proud! Take a look at some of the romantic and feminine weddings we've done in the past, they are sure to make your heart swoon!

Your turn...

What would you do to make your wedding more "romantic"? What flowers and patterns do you think fit the theme well? We'd love to hear!