We are proud to feature our Rooftop Gardens Estate in Los Angeles, California!

With its sophisticated edge, Rooftop Gardens really stands out among the rest. In the midst of traditional estates, Rooftop Gardens offers a modern venue that is perfect for so many different types of events. Corporate events and holiday functions fit this venue perfectly because of its style and versatility. Its convenient location to LA Live and downtown LA, also make this a great venue for premiers, release parties, and even bachelor(ette) parties!

In the heart of Los Angeles, this indoor and outdoor space is seven stories high in the sky! Rooftop events offer a certain level of style, which I don't think any other venue can compete with. This is because it allows you and your guests to own the skyline for a night. Immersing your party with the vibrant city instantly gives your event good energy and an air of excitement! Plus, if you're having an event where guests are primarily from out of town, this is a great way to introduce them to the great City of Angels. Anyone would be ready to invest in this city after experiencing it this way!

The sky is (literally) the limit!

We've seen the most fantastic party ideas and decor at these rooftop events. Think stunning market lighting, fire fixtures, and uplighting galore! Because a majority of the Rooftop Gardens is outdoors, this allows for a ton of opportunities to experiment with lighting arrangements. Lighting arrangements create a great synergy with the night sky. Rooftop Gardens also offers a lot of space for mingling and tray passing so getting creative with the appetizers is a definite must.

Fabulous furniture included!

Rooftop Gardens is unique in that it is already furnished with garden furniture, cabanas, lounge furniture, and a fully equipped bar and commercial kitchen. This space even includes a supplemental lounge space and indoor access. And when we say "indoor access" we mean a stunning lounge with a full bar, belly bars, and the capability for formal seating arrangements.

If you've started thinking about planning your event or have experience with party planning, you know renting furniture is a huge hassle and ultimately just another vendor you have to pay and coordinate. Rooftop Gardens is one of the few venues that completely nixes this dilemma!

Incorporating indoor and outdoor spaces at an event is key!

The indoor bar and outdoor lounges create a nice "flow" throughout the party. It might be best to think about this "flow" in terms of your own home. Where do people congregate most? The kitchen!...And where do they usually linger? In the living room (a pseudo lounge) or on the patio (aka the fabulous rooftop?). Rooftop Gardens incorporates these two "attraction points" just right so you can kiss any potential "awkwardness" goodbye!

Flow is everything for an event, especially a corporate event, which may call for facilitating conversation among people who might not be the best of buds. Plus, the multiple lounge spaces allow for more intimate settings and avoid the "big group of strangers" shuffling around an open area.

One of the most versatile venues we've seen! 

When started off by mentioning the many types of events one could pull off at the Rooftop Gardens, we weren't kidding! Because there are so many different lounge areas and indoor/outdoor tables, the party has full reign over the venue. In other words, this venue is a creative designer's dream! Of course, the cabanas and modern outdoor furniture scream fabulous bash, but this venue can also be much more low key! We've had very sophisticated corporate luncheons and dinners in the indoor space (shown below) while the outdoors was used for mingling or breaking off into discussion groups.

Rooftop Gardens can also be "dressed" for a beautiful wedding suited to those cool, modern couples! Plus, I can't help but think about the possibility of seeing a shooting star on your wedding night!

Rooftop Gardens masters the urban garden! 

You don't have to be obsessed with gardens, eco-friendly spaces, or even design to appreciate Rooftop Gardens mastery of the urban garden. The rooftop seamlessly integrates refined elements (cedar wood floors) with the beauty of unrefined nature of native plants. Walkways and cabanas facing small gardens focus ones attention on nature while they sit back and enjoy the luxuries of LA. Most importantly, the gardens incorporate eco-friendly and native California plants. Accents of hair grass, small drought-resistant palms, and cactus make this garden authentic and responsible!

Rooftop Gardens has certainly earned its place on our "Featured List"! 

Your turn...

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