5 Reasons Why The LA Rooftop Gardens Venue Will Make For An Unforgettable Holiday Party
Looking to throw your holiday party somewhere a little different this year?

How about a rooftop garden elevated high above the hustle and bustle of downtown LA?

You'd be lying if you said you weren't tempted...

Nestled among the skyline seven stories atop a historic luxury apartment and penthouse is a venue that is without a doubt the definition of glamour.

The Rooftop Gardens is THE place to host your holiday party and here's just 5 reasons why:

Party With The Stars

One of the biggest draws of the Rooftop Gardens venue has got to be the fact that your holiday party will be hosted under the night sky. Partying with the stars makes for a pretty spectacular experience in itself and when you're seven stories high you'll feel as though you can reach out and touch them.

Depending on the time of year you host your event you may even be lucky enough to bear witness to one of the many magial astronomical activities, so there will be no need for any extra entertainment. If the weather is clear then you'll have a perfect view of the stars, and as you lay back in one of the Rooftop Gardens loungers you'll be in heaven (well nearly!)

The LA Rooftop Gardens Venue in Los Angeles

Panoramic Views

If you're looking for a dramatic backdrop for your holiday party then stunning 360 degree panoramic views of the Downtown LA skyscrapers should do the trick. The plethora of bright and colorful city lights radiating around you will make your guests feel like celebrities, and if you time it right you could be sipping cocktails as you watch the sunset over the world class Convention Center.

With the panoramic views you'll get at the Rooftop Gardens venue there will be no need for decorations. Forget about shelling out extra cash trying to dress the venue up, as the breathtaking setting will take care of all the hard work for you. As you party high above the city you'll get a unique chance to see LA like never before at this landmark location.

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Maximum Luxury

For maximum luxury this chic and stylish venue ticks all the boxes. With space to accommodate up to 300 people it will be obvious to all on the guest list that you didn't skimp when searching for the ultimate party venue. The multiple flat screens featured throughout create an exciting feeling of opulence that any other venue will find hard to rival. Couple that with the abundance of modern furnishings, cabanas and lounge furniture and bliss is the only word that you'll hear muttered on everyone's lips.

Whats more the Rooftop Gardens is ideally situated near the 101, 110, and 5 freeways, as well as being only a stone's throw away from the popular LA Live shopping and diner plaza, making it the perfect gathering point for your holiday party.

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70 Foot Pool

As if the above luxury features aren't already enough, this show stopping venue also boasts an incredible 70 foot swimming pool that is guaranteed to turn heads. If you really wanted to make a splash with your party then ask your guests to bring along their swimsuits and get ready for one of the funnest nights of your life. Pool parties on the top of a penthouse don't happen every day.

Whether you're planning a pool party or not this extra 70 foot addition will only amplify the already enchanting vibe, making your event truly unforgettable. Who knows, after the drinks start flowing the pool, which you originally thought of as a decorative extra, might look a whole lot more appealing!

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Indoor Or Outdoor

At the Rooftop Gardens you can have the best of both worlds with a choice of indoor and outdoor space to get your groove on. Upon making your way indoors your guests will be blown away by additional lounge space, fully equipped bar and commercial kitchen. This means that you also have the option to lay on a delicious feast with all the trimmings, spoiling your guests to first class treatment.

Another bonus about choosing a venue that offers indoor and outdoor space means that whatever the weather your party won't become the victim and they'll be no added stress of trying to figure out a contingency plan if the heavens decide to open up and rain on your parade.

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