A Guide To Barn Weddings, Hidden Vineyard Barn

Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn

Finding the perfect venue for a wedding can be intimidating. It is not just about cost and capacity, though these factors usually end up influencing your decision more than you would like. Of course, you are not the only person who stresses over finding the perfect wedding venue. Lots of people don't even look at wedding barns as an option. They assume they are limited to villas, country clubs or ballrooms. Many barns can cover the basic necessities of hosting a wedding reception AND provide the kind of setting and atmosphere that you were hoping for in your wedding venue.

A Guide To Barn Weddings, Hidden Vineyard Barn

A rural barn, image via Alejandro de la Cruz

Barn weddings require planning that is slightly different from other event venues. We cover everything you need to know about planning a barn weddings here. For now, let's look at the positive attributes that wedding barns have. Capacity is usually not a problem. Barns have a lot of floor space. Also, the high ceilings and open design of most barns gives a feeling of spaciousness that standard ballrooms lack. So even if the number of guests reaches the venue's capacity, it will not seem overly crowded. Barns are usually on properties that have ample parking. This is an important convenience that most people overlook when planning their wedding. Your guests won't have to drive around in a full parking lot looking for spaces or, worse, have to seek out street parking.

A Guide To Barn Weddings, Hidden Vineyard Barn

Wedding decorations, image via Matt MacGillivray

And then there is the kind of experience you want to create for guests and for yourself. Many people are happy just to let the rustic romance of the barn define their wedding. The ambiance is anything but generic, and the surroundings are often beautifully rural. The best event barns have large doors that can be opened so that your guests can enjoy the views of the surrounding landscapes. Many barns offer standard decorating packages. However, they are flexible when it comes to this aspect of wedding planning (more than other types of venues). You can have more of a say about the layout and decor. Since lighting is often strung up for each event, you can even plan how your reception will be lit.

A Guide To Barn Weddings, Hidden Vineyard Barn

Hidden Vineyard Barn wedding decoration ideas

No matter where you are in the world, there is probably a barn wedding venue nearby. The best of these are located in rural areas that are not too far from urban centers. One of the best examples of an attractive and convenient venue of this type is the Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn. Located in southern Michigan, it is only about 90 minutes away from Chicago and 30 from South Bend, Indiana. Detroit is a mere three hours away. Hidden Vineyard is far enough from the cities to offer a really rural atmosphere. At the same time, it is close enough that guests won't have to make too long of a journey to be with you on your special day.

A Guide To Barn Weddings, Hidden Vineyard Barn

Hidden Vineyard Barn venue

Hidden Vineyard can accommodate 200-plus guests in its barn and the adjacent terrace. There are a number of beautiful outdoor settings that can be used for the wedding ceremony. One of the most important things to find out when planning a barn wedding is what, exactly, is included in the price. Hidden Vineyard, for example, offers tables and chairs, lighting and kitchen prep area as well as extra access for a rehearsal and photo session.


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