Are you a homeowner with a show-worthy home interested in hosting special events or having your home become a scouted filming location? Let our team help get you started!

By using our services, we market your home as a stage and a money-generating business for you.

Cairo Estate by Studio Carre Photographie

Cairo Estate by Studio Carre Photographie

At Estate Weddings and Events we offer a unique service. We offer private home residences around the world that have been approved by our high standards of Excellence. These estates are pre-approved for events as well as for contractual and insurance coverage.

Questions and concerns often come up, and we are always available to take care of these! Ready to start booking? Contact us today.

Here is the ultimate guide for Homeowner FAQs:

Are You Interested in Renting your Home for Events, but Worried about the Liability?

- This article guides you through the scary paperwork process - not as scary as you think!

How to Turn a House into an Event or Wedding Venue

- Are you the right fit for us? Here are the basic features we look for when we scout new estates for our website.

What is Estate Weddings and Events & What Services Do you Provide?

- A complete guide of everything Estate Weddings and Events.

What Makes a Great Estate Wedding Venue?

- So you are determined that your home makes an amazing venue. Here are what our clients are really looking for when they browse our sites, and questions to anticipate before you contact us.

Why Rent an Estate through Estate Weddings and Events vs. a Vacation Rental Website?

- You would be surprised how many people think they can go through a vacation rental site to find a private estate venue for a "backyard wedding." There are many risks to account for when this happens. Here is how we prevent that.

How Much Money Can I Make Renting My Home?

- This is probably the burning question you have been wondering while reading this. Here is the easy way to answer your question before we evaluate your property.

What Does an On Site Event Manager do?

- Our whole team is experienced in events. We take care of every aspect of your property, inside and out. Here's how.

5 Advantages For Renting Your Home For Short-Term Rentals

- Just a few more reasons why listing your home for events, filming, group travel, etc. can only benefit you (when you go through us!).

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