Southern Wedding Ideas & Inspirations

Elegance... Charm...Shabby Chic... Intimate... Lovely... and traditional are all words that come to mind while planning a southern wedding.

But of all those characteristics, the most important one is 'tradition'.

When a couple is having a southern wedding, tradition is key and Estate Weddings and Events have decided to list just a few traditions of a southern wedding in celebration of the newly added estates in Alabama, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Take a look at these simple traditions...

1. Groom's Cake:

Intended as a gift from the bride to the groom.

They are unlike traditional wedding cakes and more suited to the groom's personality.

2. Bridal Hat and Gloves:

Typically worn by southern belles demonstrating their unique charm and class.

If a wedding is held outside, which most are, then a hat and gloves protects the brides skin.

3. Parasols:

The south can get particularly hot in the summer, while most weddings are held in the summer and outside a parasol is a perfect way to provide shade.

Southern Wedding Ideas

4. Southern-themed Drinks:

Drinks that include bourbon or whiskey (Non-Alcoholic: lemonade or sweet-tea) are typical drinks served at a southern wedding.

Southern Drink Ideas for your Wedding

5. Serving Southern Food:

Many southern weddings will have barbeques to create a relax, and home-like environment for the guest.

Southern Wedding Food

6. Incorporate Local Flowers Into Bouquet

Try to opt for simple, fresh, and locally grown bouquets...

7. Hanky:

Used for the emotional parts of the ceremony.

8. Monogrammed Linens With Your Initials:

The couple and those in the wedding party all get their linens monogrammed.

9. Jumping Over a Broom:

Is believed to bring the bride and groom 'good luck'.

Southern Wedding Traditions

10. Bright Colors:

As mentioned earlier, weddings tend to be during the summer and outside and therefore weddings are brightly lite with the color themed the couple have chosen for the wedding to suit the brightly colored season.

Outside Wedding VenuesSouthern Wedding Receptions Outside

 11. Wedding Outside at a Plantation or Manor

One of these estates could be the perfect fit for your southern wedding...

Wedding Venues in the South

Southern Wedding Venues

Check out Estate Weddings and Events newly added plantations to have your southern wedding: Winston PlaceMathews ManorDesert Plantation, and Hudson Manor.


Special thanks to 'The Our Wedding Day Blog' and 'Southern Weddings', Estate weddings and Events was able to provide these traditions and photographs! Photography by: Ulmer StudiosMellissa SchollartRachel ThurstonCaroline JoyAdam BarnesDivine Light PhotographyCali Ashton PhotographyA Bryan PhotoSaab Weddings, and Suzi Q